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July 2019

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3.52am: So... i went to the toilet to wash up and when i open the door to get out, a lizard just fall and land on my hand. Me with short sightness simply just shake it off my hand and then went to wash my hand again. Only start freaking out when i saw it moving on the floor 😐

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Selecting our BTO flats |First Milestone

Embarked on a secret mission with T today!

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Selling Post: Brand New Beauty Product

Have been on hiatus for awhile but, here is it, my first selling post! #laneige

June 2019

I didnt know i will even get hit on when i was zoning out in the mrt station with my messy hair 😂 shock of my life.The guy look quite decent also and not insurance agent(main point)

April 2019

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I realise i keep going on hiatus on dayre, but after reading a couple of post on dayre i decide to start dayre-ing again. Not sure how long will it last tho 🤣

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