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I got 99 problems & they all can wait until Monday

January 2019

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I am O N E

I can’t believe my baby girl is 1!! (On Sunday 13 Jan).It still amazes me within the span of a short 1 year this tiny human has grown exponentially! From being a blob to a waddling toddler, from only being able to drink milk only to a food loving toddler and currently being weaned off milk. As for myself, I’ve learned so much in the past year. I’ve lost my identity for a while and I am finally getting back my identity. Being a working mum helped a lot albeit missing her while I’m at work.

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her business is my business 💩

I’ve been pre-toilet training Avery since she was about 6 months. Tbh I didn’t do much research, I relied mainly on logics and things that I’ve learnt from dog training 🤭At around 4 months, I started to introduce peeing and pooing cues. Every time she peed I would make a hissing sound. With pee it’s a little bit hard to pick up, the most obvious sign is when they shiver on the spot. With poo, it’s really obvious because her face goes red and she grunts! When that happens I grunt with her

I have been back to work full time for a few months now and along the way I changed job. I went back to work when Ave was only 5 months. I know it’s common in Asia to return to work that early but not in Australia. Most mums will return to work after a year. Other than financial reasons, I returned to work early because I wanted to make sure my career is not being left behind and I wanted to make an exit from my previous firm. I wanted to secure a new role to prep us for our next bub.

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2018 was a year filled with adventures for me.

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