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April 2019

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Good Friday Date ♥️

I’m rather tardy in updating dayre nowadays but i’m gonna post about my good friday date last week hehe. Only cause it’s rare that we get to spend a full day out like that :’)

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krabi vlog 🏝

i went to krabi last week and made a vlog!!!! ah i felt so happy making this cos i finally had a reason to edit a video 😛 ENJOY!!!!

March 2019

It's 930 in the morning and i'm lying on my bed (almost too still, such that my back is starting to ache). period woes. It's been a slow week, a rather discouraging one for a fact. I guess i can partially attribute it to PMS but mostly just cos i’m constantly tired. You know when people say “it’s the kind of tired that sleep can’t fix” - yea that’s me. i feel my insomnia coming back.

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what weekends are made of ✨

weekends pass way way way too quickly! every saturday zooms by and spend half of sunday dreading the fact that there’s work the next day haha does anyone feel me!!!!but anyway, i started off this week on a happy note cos Irwin sent me a bloom box 😍🥰i was super happy cos i love flowers and i did rmb mentioning to him that i’ve always wanted a bloom box :’)

February 2019

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hello everyone it’s been a while!!!! just thought i would drop back in to give some updates about my life, but mostly really just a photo depository 😛also, can someone please update me about the dayre plus thing???? haha since when was i even a dayre plus user i’m so confused was i?? (i genuinely can’t rmb)

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