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March 2018

maybe i’ve just always thought too negatively about myself

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welcome little one ✨🌈

visited this little one at the hospital yesterday a day after her birth ☺️ isn’t she so cute & precious!!!!i don’t care if i’m being biased or what not cos she’s really the best and i can’t wait to be able to see her in cute baby clothes & hear her talk, ah!!!! there’s something so precious about newborns that makes them so special. & it’s even more special when i’ve known the couple literally my entire life. or rather, they’ve known me my whole life (does it work both ways? HAHA)

thoughts & rants: pls don’t judge

(disclaimer: this is a ranting post)do you ever get this feeling from someone that she/he just wants to be popular and will be willing to do/say/be anything to overstep you just to get there? well i do. and idk if it’s a problem with me but there are these few people that i constantly feel overstepped by.for one, i hate the feeling of being overstepped especially when it’s sometime that i originally have “in the bag” (if you get what i mean)

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garden beats festival 🌾✨

headed to garden beats festival @ fort canning today!!!!funny story: we reached fort canning and couldn’t find fort gate on the map at all. so we checked the address and it said siloso road???? so we were like OMG WRONG PLACE ITS IN SENTOSA. but then we checked the postal code and it was right. just suuuuper far in LOL and UPHILL 🗻

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the month with the most memories. it’s crazy how time passes by so quickly!!!! sometimes my apple calendar (iCloud can be a bitch lol) still reminds me about days i no longer need to remember and i’m like “oh” hahahaha

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