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I'm loud and annoying But I'm fun to be with

August 2019

After one hour of torture with the hubby, finally the milk is out! Breast engorgement is crazy! Boobs are hard like stone!

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Life has changed after I become a mother.

I thought I could have a proper rest during confinement. But no. WtfMy mom brought much more work for me. To attend to my brother, my aunties, those superstitious stuff and the list goes on wtf Ahhhhh can I just off my phone and ignore the whole world?!

It might not be a good day everyday, but there must be something good everyday

I thought being pregnant is difficult, now I realise having a baby to take care is even worse 🤦🏻‍♀️ Jia you Jen!

July 2019

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I guess because it’s quite near to the due date already so I’m kind of nervous yet excited yet I don’t know. 🙊 I feel like I’m all ready to meet my little one but at the same time I have the fear (I’m not sure whether I will be a good mom, like how all the moms feel I guess). Ohh this kind of feeling 😔

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