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Hi friends!

Popping by to drop some photos off because...I decided to sweep the cobwebs out of my Dayre. I haven't been doing much lately, just putting my heart into work and then enjoying my days off after. It's surprisingly relaxing now that I've willed myself to live in the moment and enjoy it while it lasts. After all, we're only young once and I reckon I should enjoy my youth, however much I've got left.

Vain selfie I took while in NGO the other day. I love japan flights!! I always get to buy so much stuff that I never knew I needed.

Like Japanese hair pins that make my life so much easier!! I literally did this twist in less than 2 mins and with only a regular comb. 2 pins and no hair tie!!!

I was extremely amazed lol.

Ok last one!! My fellow flygirls if you all do a Japanese flight pls do yourself a favor and go hunt for these pins! They rly are dirt cheap and make your life so much easier. I used to fret over doing my hair for work before every flight and sometimes can even retie it 7-8 times before it's acceptable for work standards.... so so so glad I found a solution in the form of these pins. Who knew I would be so happy over buying hair pins LOL.

I've learnt this method from a Chinese stewardess but always wondered how she did it so easily. She only secures the top of the twist at the crown and used these huge pins WHICH R NEVER available anywhere in SG. I literally spent 2 years looking for these sort of pins 🤦🏻‍♀️

So when I saw them at the drugstore in Nagoya I grabbed them but didn't really give too much thought into if they would work or not?? And when I went back and tried doing a twist w the pins just for fun I WAS SO FRICKING AMAZED. omg all those days with the cacat twist :') OVER!!!

And this was taken just after work today!

I know I'm gushing way too much but I'm sure my fellow ladies will know how happy it is to finally master something you've been struggling at for YEARS.

Typical Japanese drugstore haul. Not pictured here are 5 new ah-lian combs and a toothpaste which I've already broken into. Yes I bought super soft tissue paper from Japan and lugged it back home 😅

I've been trying to be a hypefail and ran a poll on Instagram on if I should get this waist bag from a reseller. And to my shock, majority of my followers voted NO!!! Is it rly ugly? Hahahaha

Received a sweet (literally) delivery this afternoon! Thank you so much J, a very sweet reader who follows my updates and decided to send me these goodies from Old Seng Choong! I'm so touched whenever my readers end up engaging me and sending me PR. I don't deserve any of these so I'm always immensely grateful!! 😍

I got sent these pretty looking tarts, just in time for CNY which is less than a month away! I'll be home for the most part of CNY this year (yay bless up!!) so this definitely has put me right into the mood for the #DONGDONGCHANG2K18!!! Hahahahah

And isn't their packaging divine?! I love the luxurious feel of the tin box the tarts come in. So 60's!

Having tarts just in one flavor is boring. So instead of just the good ol' pineapple, this tin contains Orange Peel, Yuzu, Nonya and even BAKWA!!

Old Seng Choong also has a newly opened flagship store at Clarke Quay so if you haven't done your CNY snack table shopping you can head on down to their shop to get some goodies with chio packaging!! Move over, those plastic containers with red caps 😂

They're also really active on Instagram and equipped with a web store so you can get your shopping whilst leading a busy af life just like I do lol. I really really dig their luxurious packaging and I think their creative did such a good job with the branding and visuals for OSC. Now don't you wanna be that one relative known for having the BEST CNY snacks?! 😂

True story though. Growing up and through the years of many CNY visitations, I always loved going to my ghimpoh's house because MY GOODNESS her snacks were next level. Pineapple tarts that melt in your mouth, love letters, bakwa so fresh and good kept in fancy airtight containers, a huge array for jellies for the sweet-teeth in our family, cookies from all over the world...

Ah, don't we all gain a few happy pounds from CNY?

Before I head to bed just wanna share these pins that I was gushing about earlier!!
They're actually huge bobbypins but since I've used these ones for a couple of times, they've slowly expanded into U-pins.

And that's the trick! Use huge bobbypins instead of huge u-pins! Somehow...SG doesn't sell sturdy bobbypins anywhere. They're always filmsy and if you work them too hard they'll bend and go out shape. And definitely not strong enough to hold down my thick hair, especially without a hairtie

I'm sorry I wished I had kept the packaging it came with hopefully this photo helps you my fellow flygirls! My regret now is that I didn't buy like 5 more packets of these wonder pins because they're literally so strong they don't ever budge once you've stuck them down in place. I'll be heading back to Japan soon and most definitely gonna hunt these pins down again. Who knows, if I manage to buy them I'll bring a couple extras back for y'all!

I think the road to getting the hang of a twist is a long and arduous one and we gotta help a sister out, right? Hahahaha ok goodnight everyone!

Day 20

Saturday, 20 Jan 2018

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Jojoeyt (avatar)

Jojoeyt So pretty this one 😍

1 year ago

flyiqi (avatar)

flyiqi omg HOW.

1 year ago

mochimochi (avatar)

mochimochi what pin!!! share pls

1 year ago

sfeiw (avatar)

sfeiw Yes please share what pins!! I'd always struggle when I used to have twist

1 year ago

Tearex (avatar)

Tearex Share the pinnnnnns

1 year ago

ysosmall (avatar)

ysosmall that Meiji cereal is so so so good best cereal i've ever tried 🙌🏿

1 year ago

diagonalll (avatar)

diagonalll Gurlll if i go jb next time i’ll help you get the huge u-pins!

1 year ago

pokedough (avatar)

pokedough Chameleon in Komtar JBCC might have the pins!

1 year ago

soullight (avatar)

soullight Ooooo the love liners eyeliners are awesome but japan flights are so hard to come by 😭

1 year ago

jenellpaidgen (avatar)

jenellpaidgen @Jojoeyt you also!!! In your latest FOOD post!! 😍

@flyiqi @mochimochi @sfeiw @Tearex shared!! But this is the hook method which works best with the pin secured on the top!

@ysosmall I swept the shelves hahaha there was only 2 packets left 🤣

@diagonalll is it as sturdy as these!! @pokedough thank you!! Though idk when I'll ever head into JB again 😅

@soullight the mote eyeliner and the loveliner eyeliners are the only ones I use now! Hahaha. If I run out of them then I just won't use eyeliner hahahahah. My loyalty is THAT strong. Stock up whenever you get a Japan flight! I always stock up just in case

1 year ago

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