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updated 2 months ago

I am terrible. Know why?

Because until now I have no flipping idea what Dayre 2.0 entails and when it’s gonna start and any details about it. Yikes!

Now before the build up on my phone gets too cray, updates! Edit: why is it that I can’t post pictures? Is it because I talk crap about not knowing anything about Dayre 2.0? Oh nuuu

Is anyone facing the same problem? Haha how to update properly like this?! 😂

Golden hour atop Kat’s rooftop with my batchies for circuit instructors 💖

Kat’s house is so beautiful! Though it was scorching in the afternoon, the thought of having a space to chill outdoors at night is so nice!

Throwback major! Finally visiting Kara aka Sogurt Bukit Timah. Used to work here many many years ago as a teenager and wow all the shifts 😂

Squeezing more workouts in as my schedule gets crazier, and crazier and crazier

Doing my own circuit but with only 10s rest in between: death. And yes I do my warm ups and infernos for my classes so yes I make sure that it’s all doable before I make my clients do it! Just a personal commitment I make. Tbh, teaching hasn’t been the easiest and the learning curve is something I’ve had to work on but I am gaining so much from it.

So drama but I sometimes I get goosebumps halfway in class because the vibes are great 🔥

Day 108

Thursday, 18 Apr 2019

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soullight (avatar)

soullight 2nd gym looks VERY familiar 😂

2 months ago

Cutewinnie (avatar)

Cutewinnie I understand about the goosebumps part coz I feel that when my pupils get what I’m teaching and they respond with fantastic answers!

2 months ago

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