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Hi, it’s me!

I’ve been gone for a bit and I’m not going to come up with any excuse except that I didn’t really wanna write and when I did, everytime I opened up Dayre in the past few weeks/month or so, I would just see *happenings* that I simply didn’t agree with. Conflict stirred, and to see people supporting opinions because they like the beef and uh, drama. But is drama really your cup of tea if you’re blatantly attacking when you don’t even want to disclose your identity online?

It made me discouraged to feed into this negative space, when everyday I tell myself to think happy and positive thoughts! So, instead of feeding the flames, you step away from the fire till it extinguishes.

That aside, a couple of updates coming up, served with a side of happiness and positivity!

📍museum of ice cream, San Francisco
Bit the bullet and paid for a ticket into this playground but was so ill when I was there 😅

Making your way through an ice cream museum means having ice cream handed to you every other minute

Working out with my sweat tribe @applewly @kimberlyteo

Went back to newton for a couple of days for my French refresher and got to use this gift Apple got for us! It’s a reusable takeaway drink holder 😌

Getting that 6.55AM workout in before taking a train ride to French class... this is what I love about having regular hours. I get to workout in the morning/evening almost daily.

Went for a little shoot with my boOmpals Sarah and Chloe 💙

📍Guangzhou, China
Then the girls and I went for our little girls trip to China! It’s also interesting how I got to discover China as a tourist and I must say it’s a good place for a holiday.

Got to have huge portions of Chee Cheong Fun with so much gravy! They give too little gravy here in Singapore ☹️

Taking cabs in GZ meant that we had to download their version of Uber! We also made sure we downloaded their take out app too, only to discover that they didn’t support accounts without a China number.

So we ended up having the hotel staff help us order take out through their own accounts and paying them. Thank you Oakwood you guys are too nice 💓

The day Apple was so ill she had to stick those cooling pads on her forehead and walk around with a cap and mask. A few days later I fell sick with a flu jialat

And yes, sick and dying also must have our fill of HDL and their tomato soup. To not eat HDL in China might be a sin lololol

Got pretty hair on this trip thanks to Apple’s amazing hair curler, and which I proceeded to purchase immediately HEHE so easily suckered

📍Guangzhou Restaurant for dim sum brunch. We visited this place twice in a row because it was so affordable and delicious

After every bite was followed by a “so good leh”

Fried mantou with condensed milk dipping sauce needs to be a thing at every dim sum eatery here. They don’t serve this at swee choon ☹️

Humongous and crispy youtiao 😝

Visited a Chinese museum to enrich our minds 😂

Ended up taking silly goofy pictures and sitting at the video-screening watching Chinese documentary videos with English subtitles HAHAHA

📍Baiyun Yuntai Garden

Then proceeded to have a little photo shoot there to make getting there worth it!




Giving Kim a lesson on Instagram angles 😂 jk not a professional

Headed over to Huakang St for some açaí

So much flowers, I love!





Apple took so many nice shots of us!


Candid camera

Selfie to show the lip color that I am in absolute love with! I made it a point to buy at least one Chinese cosmetic product and walked away with this lip color from a brand we walked past, called Rojank.

The color is gorgeous?! I don’t really know why the color is marketed as a Classic Burgundy but it’s so pretty. Doesn’t bleed, doesn’t smudge when dry and while a little drying, all it needs is just a little lip balm underneath. Love! Been wearing it lately and always gives my face a flush of color without me having to put too much face makeup.

Yup down with a flu on the last full day in Guangzhou so had to wear a mask ☹️

And yeah we went back to So Açaí for more açaí and also to take more daytime shots 😂




Hehe what a fun trip it was with them, despite Apple and I taking turns to fall sick 😂 I think it must be the air so if you’re heading to China remember to bring a mask and your humidifier to use in the night!

I must say my perception of China has changed greatly over the years. Growing up I never liked mandarin lessons and now that I’m older I realized how important knowing my own mother tongue is. And that it’s my heritage and it’s beautiful!

Jared and I have plans to visit Beijing soon and we can go see the Great Wall of China and other historical sites. Not in the summer at least! Haha

Never thought I’ll make China a holiday destination but I really enjoyed my time there. Give it shot if you’re bored of the usual holiday destinations and step outside of your comfort zone. Though I must say China is really starting to look like a luxury and technology advanced place. The cities at least.

As tourists, we used cash and it was a rare occasion for them to have people paying by cash. From small shops to KFC, bubble tea, cabs and apps, everyone uses digital wallets and payments.

Look at this sleeping dragon awakening.

Day 93

Wednesday, 3 Apr 2019

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applealoeism (avatar)

applealoeism Been missing your updates hehe ❤️❤️

3 months ago

kerlyyng (avatar)

kerlyyng Hi! Can I know what is the brand of the curler that you’re using ?

3 months ago

ehlisen (avatar)

ehlisen I love Shanghai too!!!

3 months ago

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