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lunar new year ‘19

It’s amazing how I managed to be around for 除夕, 初一 and the rest of 初二 this year, simply because I’m on standby almost every CNY ever since I started my day job. Every year I leave my family and loved ones in suspense of if I’ll be joining them for the festivities 😅

Photo dump ahead!
Back in London the other weekend, though I was so tired I ended up sleeping almost my entire day away. Decided to wash up and slap on some makeup and head to Harrods to look for @applewly’s jellycat but didn’t find the ones she wanted :(


📍The Muffin Man
Devon Cream Tea Set for my favorite scones. I love it with the Devon cream. I empty my pot even though it was just 4 pieces of scones


Back in SG, back at boom! Rocking it up to Sarah’s class with my fellow instructor Chloe. Been so long since my last box class, really awesome to be able to punch it out on the bags and also work up a serious sweat. It’s been so long since I’ve perspired at a workout. Sweat was dripping dropping everywhere especially during the core round.

I couldn’t contain myself when 7 rings by Ariana Grande came on for core. FIYAH IN THE HOUSE 🔥

Come book in with us 🏋🏻‍♀️

Back at home after a super quick pop by to the down under. Just in time for reunion dinner and the first day of the lunar new year.


Just like many other years before, my family has adjusted their reunion dinner dates cus of my very erratic schedule. This year we had it a week before! And finally my parents have moved on from eating seafood and steamboat. Alas I get to try out Gyu-kaku, I’ve been meaning to forever!!

It was so darn good it might just be my favoritest bbq meal ever?

BEAUTIFUL. I love my wagyu beef so much why must y’all cost so much

Loin was amaaaazing. I like my meat slightly charred so it’s crispy and bursting with flavor. And the charcoal BBQ is probably the key to the amazing taste.

More marbling photos of the beef for me to salivate over....

We ordered 2 sets of this set to get a substantial amount and it was the perfect amount! Everyone else was so stuffed but at the end of dinner... I was like, I could probably go another serving of loin honestly 😨

That’s the way guys, eat hard work hard!

Joke of the other day, I must have laughed for a good few minutes @kimberlyteo

Happy lunar new year 新年快乐🎈🎉🍾️
Oops, haphazard lip color application hahaha it’s ok it’s gonna be all gone after all that eating I did yesterday nyahahahah.


Because of my unfixed scheduled until a couple of days ago, I was considering not buying an outfit because yknow, #sparkjoy, but I wasn’t gonna give hope up on not being able to make it for CNY. So I bought this off Basis just as a “in case” dress!

And I loveeee anything barebacked, especially if they’re dresses ❤️💖 such a lovely piece and super affordable too. Made of such a light breathable material.

Though honestly it took me a while to get the straps and I had to go back online to their website and see how the model did it!! 😂

It’s also very flowy, makes it great for swishing here and there ☺️ gotten many compliments (even from my hard to please mom) and also questions on my Instagram on where this is from. Hopefully it’s still in stock so you girls can go get it!

Ok last one I promise!!!

Grabbed the chance to steal my sister’s box bag and...

I LOOK LIKE IM GOING TO WORK HAHAHA. I don’t think any of my colleagues will want to buy this box bag 😂 carrying it puts us right to sleep! Though if they consider changing it to the Celine box bag, I’ll take it with open arms and a huge smile on my face lol

Lohei tonight and Jared and I were screaming and yelling for 2019 😝
*points to hand full of sauce and mess from the tossing* “Hey look at this dedication”
“Hey look at that desperation”

HAHAHA wishing everyone a huat year ahead! 🏮🔥🧧

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Wednesday, 6 Feb 2019

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Kozonis19 (avatar)

Kozonis19 Happy new year!!! 🧧glad you got to spend it with your fam this year 😊 AHAHA when I was younger and dreamt of being a SQ crew, I was attracted to their blue bag leh!!! Now I know why I like the Celine box bag so much too 😂 I like your CNY outfit and Chanel toooo ✨

5 months ago

applewly (avatar)

applewly Thank you for checking my baby’s jelly cat hehe 💕 see you next week!!!

5 months ago

Chxct (avatar)

Chxct Hello! May I know where u got this dress? (=

5 months ago

jenellpaidgen (avatar)

jenellpaidgen @Kozonis19 hehe thank u gurrrlllll and welcome back home! Glad u got to spend CNY in SG 😊😊

@applewly see uuuuu!! Hehe ❤️

@Chxct it’s from Basis! 💖 u can find them on Instagram ☺️

5 months ago

Chxct (avatar)

Chxct Thank you Jenell! ☺️

5 months ago

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