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My voice is super croaky and throat is very hoarse after doing two classes back to back. But man I loved the energy my clients bring to class and when they work hard and push themselves.

Had my beebs come in and do class this morning so he could get a sweat in. Happy place with my happy person πŸ’–

My nimble package arrived the other day, and I’m so glad I took another chance on them and figured out my sizing for Nimble. Cus this print 😍 got the bra with the same print as well and I’m in loveeeee. The fit is great too!

One of the best work trips yet, I love it when I get a treat like this. Short duty time, and lots of time to rest. Ahhhhh bliss

Woke up and off to the mall for some lunch

Got some smashed chicken into the system and not pictured here is some gao af avocado and coconut juice

Managed to get a 2 hour massage in and for how much? $30sgd. Ya I fricking love Indonesia, and it made me miss Bali so much! 😭

Fat and well fed koi fishes. Am I getting older and learning how to appreciate nature? I stood here for a good 10 mins just watching the fishes swim here and there

Last night with my girlfriends, missing @jayteewhyelle 😭 So so so good to finally see the girls after a while, all of us have been adulting hard, a big contrast from our classpass x soulflow days.

I say this a lot of times but I’m so glad to have met this bunch of girls through our boyfriends. Within a year we’ve alr made so many memories together and also grew as a girl group. Especially with Andrea, man this girl is so strong.

Y’all know I went to Bali last year right? Horror happened on the first night and Drea actually got onto a motorbike accident 😭 I’ll post more about that next time but I just wanna say I’ve learnt so much from these girls. Their good naturedness, etc etc.

Always so thankful for my golden friendships.

And also, how is it so difficult to take pictures with my boyfriend?! Babe!!

All of us ended up in pants last night! Breaking out my brand new OSN roadmaps pants 😍

And guys! TODAY is the LAST DAY to get this promo from boOm! It’s honestly such good value.

All classpacks are shareable and can have up to 3 account holders, on top of that you can also assign guests to classes! Yay grab a buddy go work out 😝πŸ”₯ see you at boOm!

Day 41

Sunday, 10 Feb 2019

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jayteewhyelle (avatar)

jayteewhyelle ❀️❀️

3 months ago

elishalow (avatar)

elishalow Hello babe! Is the OSN pants worth getting? Looks so nice on you. What size are u wearing? @jenellpaidgen 😬

3 months ago

Flightlessbird (avatar)

Flightlessbird was oversea and Missed the promo! Will Boom be extended the promo??😞

3 months ago

jenellpaidgen (avatar)

jenellpaidgen @elishalow thanks!! I’m wearing a size S :) not sure if they still have it in stock! But yeah they’re really comfy and no regrets getting them hahah.

3 months ago

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