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August 2019

Randomly thought of another wedding hashtag for us last night because couldn't sleep.#NGnoyingyouFOOever I think this one better than #NG爱幸FOOHelp me vote😂#dayrebrides

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I love the lighting in our toilet! 😂This photo is a reminder for me to start losing weight. Am I crazy? I've been thinking how to be skinny, skinny.

Today I finally saw and feel how a menstruation look like in person. I cannot imagine using it eh though it's more sustainable and environmental friendly.I should really start doing my part in saving the earth. Simple steps like reduce single use plastic. I have a colleague always remind the coffee shop drink waitress " no straw!no straw, remember!!!" But the Aunty still came back with straw in his drink. The Aunty just took out and throw. Same what? 🤷🏻‍♀️


This is the 2nd time I felt like this. Bloated, nauseous & the feel for diarrhoea prior to my Aunt Flo coming. Not even sure if it's really that or food poisoning. I slept at 9pm, just woke up wanting to do my big business, but I decided to puke instead. Felt wide awake right now.Went to a 2d2n staycation at JB with secondary school clique.. most of them had diarrhoea episode after our drinking session last night. Could it be that also?

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Today's breakfast is not so pretty looking.Overnight oats with apricot yoghurt that already contain flax seed, sunflower seed & Chia seed. Coffee without sugar with milk.So I've been drinking unsweetened coffee/ tea for quite sometime. When Uncle give wrong drink, I could immediately taste it. Not sure how many times I made Z to return the drink and ask for KOSONG! My tastebud only accept Koi type of 25% sweetness. 🙂

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Yesterday's breakfast😊Made really mini banana chocolate chip muffin for office since we have leftover banana. Glad they keep going to the Tupperware.

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