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November 2018

Why can’t u see that nobody want to work under/with you. And why u have to keep insist on using that platform when it is not workable in our company. Is it to prove to everyone that u are 1 level higher than them by knowing this platform? Come on, people are not as free as u to everyday come office have coffee, walk around to kpo what others are doing.

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Date and Time ✅Venue ✅Photographer ✅JP ✅E filling ✅My shoe ✅My dress ✅ (but still looking out for if there is a better one)L’ s shoe ❌MUA : pendingL’s suit. ❌Confirm number of pax ❌Vow ❌

The biggest problem : NO discipline!

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Finally I am on MC. My body really need a rest cause the work, the stupidity from certain people is draining me a lot.

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Since poly year 1 till now, have always been my listening ear😅 very grateful for that. Even though we are not the same race, but she is like my elder sister

I just wish for more trust and faith for me

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