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Mommy to 2 babies!

March 2019

Day 19I tht G1 was joking when he said porpor nod her head to ackTill i see her today.Mdm yee u r really a warrior.Jiayou!

So angry but yet u cannot scold the person.Specific instructions given.Yet...choose not to pass down the message.就是不要这么麻烦就是不要浪费时间

Day 15Open eyes slightly when we call her.Mdm yee....baby steps okieWe are coping okie..dont worry.I still cry at times but that is because i miss you.#stroke

Today i see her smile.She is very cheeky. She keep moving her hand to touch her face and she smiled after we told her not to do it.10 days le mdm yee起来了! #stroke

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February 2019

I am not okieNot knowing when i can hear u talkNot knowing when u can scold meNot knowing when u will cook for me againGordon say he wan to eat your 好料Yr last msg to me...u told me love you.Though is meant for the kids but it feels lile u r saying to meMummy . Pls get well.U taught and showed me what a strong woman u r.I cannot be strong without u

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