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A whole new year.

“A” for Apple and a brand new start. Happy new year, pull your ear!

Well into the third day of 2019 and here I am rushing through anyhow-throw-in lunches. Today’s a nice spread of tofu, salmon, Wakame, Miso soup and a handful of alphabet pasta that I stole from my nieces. 😂

How’s everyone? 😊
I’ve been trying to balance work, life and baby. Most times, I do feel like I’m living on stolen pockets of time. They’re not plentiful but they’re enough for me to get through.

12 weeks oh 12 weeks.

Time flies!

In these 2.5 months, I’ve evolved into a siaoMa. My camera roll is overflowing with Aly’s photos and though I see her almost 24/7, even when she’s sleeping, I’m still looking at photos of her.

Can’t seem to get enough of this little bean.

2018 went by superbly quickly for me once pregnancy hit. Then it was dealing with the weekly/monthly oddities of pregnancy. Reading up and such to prep. Can I just say that reading does little to help? Hands on is everything here 🤷🏼‍♀️

Then we did a gender reveal (which I’ve yet again left the post hanging -.- but yes it’s a girrrrrrrrl!), a maternity shoot just 3 days before baby arrived and also a newborn photoshoot!

I still look at the photos with such warmth in my heart. Also very surreal to be scrolling through an album from
pregnancy to birth of the baby. UNBELIEVABLE. They’re so nicely taken, I will want to share some photos in future when I have enough spare time!

It’s always a tough decision. To sleep? To eat? Do laundry? Do work? Clean up the house? Vacuum the floor? Or really just do nothing.... or........ just keep taking photos of a sleeping baby 😐🤭😶

This psycho-ness is real. It’s not just me, right? 🤭 #dayremummies

This morning with my little animal looking all CNY-ready! Though she’s really just wanting to be a koala and kubao.

Upright is how she likes to be carried. In fact, I’m not allowed to cradle hug her anymore because the princess wails no. 🙄 my arms~

Also, I realized our yawns in the afternoon are many times coincidental that they seem synced. Was just looking in the mirror together and we both started yawning. It’s so hilarious 😂

She always has her arms out of the swaddle. Somehow, she sleeps better.

Then we changed her into this Lock Her Down Fivever swaddle 😂 no hands no kachiao 🤪

I also just noticed that my hand looks vvvvvv weird here, just floating around. No wrist no forearm nothing.

But the person being locked down together whenever forever and ever is me.

Typing this now as the koala clings on. She really loves to sleep on us oh my.

Creeping on my parasite Hahahahah

Good night sleep tight
Your mama’s gonna bite your backside ~

Day 3

Thursday, 3 Jan 2019

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hzmz_ (avatar)

hzmz_ Can’t unsee the hand now 😱😂 Happy New Year Jazreel, have a great one with ur cutie family ❤️❤️

1 month ago

Hislittleones (avatar)

Hislittleones she’s sooooo cuddly cute!

1 month ago

wlwlwl (avatar)

wlwlwl HAHA omg that floating hand 😂

1 month ago

soufflesecrets (avatar)

soufflesecrets So effing cute (now must censor) haha congrats Jazreel!!!

1 month ago

jazreeltan (avatar)

jazreeltan @hzmz_ thank you Hazel!! May your new year be super fabulous too 😘❤️

@sugarrush 😊😊😊 hehe but when she’s crying the house down, suddenly the cuteness disappears hahahaha

@wlwlwl ikr! 😂😂

@soufflesecrets thank you Jiayi!!! Hahaha ya now need to speak proper English and paint a picture that life has nothing bad in it hahahaha

1 month ago

jazreeltan (avatar)

jazreeltan @soufflesecrets *paint a picture for her only 😂😂

1 month ago

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