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January 2019

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My goodness. The sweet sound of victory is when she suddenly✨ stops fussing and falls asleep. I sometimes feel like we’re competing on who can stay up for longer. There I am soothing her to sleep, here I am being soothed to sleep by myself LOL Hitting week 15 tomorrow and this bao’s been talking (in the form of coos and 哭s HAHAHA) a lot. Her saliva is also flowing like a stream ~ so it’s time I dig out some bibs. She reminds me of Santa with the fluffy white beard.

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A whole new year.

“A” for Apple and a brand new start. Happy new year, pull your ear! Well into the third day of 2019 and here I am rushing through anyhow-throw-in lunches. Today’s a nice spread of tofu, salmon, Wakame, Miso soup and a handful of alphabet pasta that I stole from my nieces. 😂How’s everyone? 😊I’ve been trying to balance work, life and baby. Most times, I do feel like I’m living on stolen pockets of time. They’re not plentiful but they’re enough for me to get through. 12 weeks oh 12 weeks.

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