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August 2018

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Hiiii does baby look like it blossomed overnight? I think stripes accentuate the bump and make it look bigger than it really is. Still, hello me whale.

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How I wish I’d look like when I’m out.

July 2018

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Gooood day Friday! This is me today. Out of the house early, fighting the day like super girl (and also fighting my sleepiness).

"Did you update your Dayre already!?"
"Ok lah.. I promise.. on Thursday!"—
Super cute this person. I also promised him Thursday but it's now Friday. Better one day late than never? :)
Leroy has been bugging me to update my Dayre. Our lives are actually filled with lots of excitement (also because we're easily excitable + we manage our expectations well - aka keep it Low). Yet, it really fills my heart knowing how simple it is to please each other.

June 2018

I thought I’d write a little (which could be a lot) about the behind-the-scenes of my other project since I’m very immersed in it right now. I might also be very hungry at the moment. So anyway.. Welcome to the thoughts of the always-hungry and overthinking worm lurking in my whiny brains..

May 2018

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Holaaaaa everyone. How are you? 😊 I guess it’s time to spend some time to write something when Leroy’s been largely prompting lol. 1. Yknow how google has a suggested search / previously searched. The browser is his phone is quite permanently on “Jazreel Tan Dayre” 😑2. We were out on some day and I was looking through dayre. He excitedly asked “you updated?!” “No”“Why! You lazy person.”“I don’t know what to write”“Write anything lah”“I no time lah..”“You lazy person 😡”又来~

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