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March 2018

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Hellooo! Where’s everybody now? It’s been kinda quiet of late with all the dayre exporting. Now that our posts have been successfully exported, do we depart from dayre too? Still undecided on where I should be writing. I’ve already started on a few drafts on Wordpress, trying to get used to the interface (it is pleasant but it’s not the same writing there). Somehow, everything seems to be more formal there. I find myself using emojis less, denoting my lack of outward expression these days.

February 2018

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xoxo @dayxport // Wordpress 📝

新年快乐 to everyone!It’s been the best Lunar New year, best month and best birthday so far. Praying that the rest of the year will be stellar 🙆‍♀️It’s been back-to-back work work work for me so I really can’t find the time to update anything on dayre now 😭 I even had the idea of finishing up our wedding (ikr, almost 2 years LOL) posts so that it’s a complete documentation on dayrebut WHERE’S THE TIME when the clock is ticking and 28th is arriving in exactly a week!!!!

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Much has been going on and seeing the community coming together to do their part, be it the petition or/and survey is so heartening. I’m really touched by what @sgbudgetbabe is doing for us at the expense of her time & resources. Just how many of us here are so thankful for this fight. We’re staying for as long as we can! Sending you ❤️! —Though the future is unclear but with whatever I had in mind to dayre, I shall!January was tough. HDB decided that they should help improve my home.

Hello there. It feels weird to be writing here with all that’s going on right now. Would it be mean for me to say that I’ve anticipated all of this? The closure of dayre? I’m sure many of you saw this coming too. But it’s just.... a little too soon. Being forced with truth that the management wants this no more. That they want everything about this to dissipate. I haven’t had time to look back on my entries over these years but I want to give gratitude for all the beautiful times here.

January 2018

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Hi friends, how you been? 😊This isn’t me but here’s my niece who looks like me and bears my Erjie’s character. She’s my dajie’s daughter but yeah, definitely some bits of our family in this cutie.

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