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My Sulwhasoo Skincare Routine + Kitchen adventures!

I'm big on skincare (and makeup) as I feel that having good skin really helps with setting your makeup right.

The last time I tried a full range of skincare from a brand was quite long ago and I saw pretty decent results. So this time, I thought I'd try it again with a brand I've heard so much about - Sulwhasoo.

It's been about 2 months since I've embarked on a brand new skincare routine and within these two months, I saw quite a positive change in terms of the radiance in my skin tone.

Yes I know this is with makeup.... BUT!!! I was using a really lightweight BB cream which I felt really let my skin speak for itself 😍

I really liked the range that I've been using from Sulwhasoo so I thought I'd share my routine (a very elaborate one to me lah, as the Koreans are known for that) and which of them are my favourite!

Since my concerns are dry skin and dull complexion, my following routine combats these two issues.

I use the Gentle Cleansing Oil EX for removing makeup.

First of all, I was skeptical about using oil cleansers cos it would cause me to break out.

Another thing I didn't like about oil cleansers is that it's super hard to remove 😕

But after using it for a few days (and praying that it doesn't cause me to break out), I found myself liking this more and more! Not only is it mild and did NOT cause me to break out, it did a pretty good job in removing all my makeup with no oily residue!

Next, I cleanse my face with this from their Snowise Whitening range.

It's pretty good, and doesn't leave my skin dry after cleansing, which is exactly what a cleanser is supposed to be like.

Plus point? IT SMELLS AMAZING! Its scent reminds me of being in a spa 😍

In place of a toner (and also cos toners can be pretty drying), I'm using the Hydro-Aid Moisturizing Soothing Mist.

I like the Hydro-Aid mist cos it's really gentle and it doubles as a handy mist that I can bring out.

The only thing is that I wish it could come in a bigger bottle! I've been trying to use this sparingly but can't help it when each time I spritz it on after cleansing, I spray like 5x haha

Next I apply Sulwhasoo's signature Serum - the First Care Activating Serum.

We all want to maximize the properties of all the products we use so this serum does exactly just that. It enhances the next steps of skincare to Boost absorption of those treatments!

TBH, I always just put what's necessary for the fear of clogging up my pores. But after trying it out on my skin, I realized the texture is super light! It's got like a gel-watery kind of texture.

Also I wasn't using this right from the start but a few weeks after I've incorporated this into my regime, it's like the other treatments that I've used suddenly sped up its efficiency?! I'm not kidding but I could see a slight difference already!

As mentioned earlier on, I'm looking to brighten my complexion so I'm using the Snowise Brightening Serum.

If I'm not wrong, all Sulwhasoo products have Ginseng in them but each product uses a specific type of Ginseng for its own qualities.

This serum uses White Ginseng to firm and give that inner glow!

After which, I use the Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream EX.

The skin around my eye are really dark and have quite a bit of lines.

TBH, I feel this tackles more of the lines rather than the eye rings. It prevents more lines from showing so that's pretty good for me!

I like how it's quite refreshing and lifts the eyes which is perfect for mornings!

I'm almost done!!!

For my day moisturizer, I use the Hydro-aid Moisturizing Soothing Cream for the hydration my skin needs in the day. Its texture is gel-cream so it's not too heavy for daytime wear!

And for night, I use the classic Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX Light.

This comes in 2 versions and this is the lighter one. Despite it being light, it's not that light at all. So I use just a little bit every night and that little bit really goes a long way!

This is an anti-aging cream that boosts the skin's defense system. Which I totally need since I'm not getting any younger 😬

My last and final step - sunblock!

What's great about this is that it's really lightweight and doesn't leave me smelling like a tube of sunblock!

To sum it up, these are my Sulwhasoo favourites:
- Gentle Cleansing Oil
- Hydro-aid Moisturizing Soothing Mist
- Concentrated Ginseng Cream EX Light
- Hydro-aid Moisturizing Soothing UV Protection Fluid

I'm so glad that this new skincare routine has been working out well for me!

Do you use Sulwhasoo too? What's your favourite? What should I try? Drop me a note!


On a totally irrelevant topic, I've become a little bit more homely lately and started to get active in the kitchen.

Vern was sharing with the benefits of Ginger+Lemon+Honey tea which I made for him a few nights ago. It's great for weight loss, warming the belly and the perfect remedy for flu and cough.

Today I wanna make it again but ran out of lemon and honey so I'm making Ginger+Red Dates+Longan!

I also made this for dinner a few night ago. It's Lemon Garlic Chicken with Baby Potatoes!

It's always hard to find dishes to cook for two so this was perfect. And the prep time was 40 mins and pretty easy to make too!

Does anyone have any dishes to recommend that's easy to make for 2? Or any websites that's got easy receipes? I'm always on a lookout for new recipes cos if not, I'm always cooking the same old dishes haha

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Saturday, 11 Mar 2017

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Pocketfulofthoughts (avatar)

Pocketfulofthoughts Hi there! For the cleansing oil, does it removes eyeliner as well..? And does it stings the eye..? Thanks in advance! :)

1 year ago

allaboutchriselle (avatar)

allaboutchriselle Definitely the first care activating serum. It absorbs quite well and it doesn't have the sticky after feeling. The bottle last me quite long ☺ after that I'll slap on some lush moisturizer and that's it. Dunno whether enough or not... hahaha

1 year ago

huifong (avatar)

huifong Hi, may I know if ur BB cushion is from sulwahsoo as well?

1 year ago

heartxfondue (avatar)

heartxfondue Thanks for sharing! 😊I use Sulwhasoo overnight revitalising mask and the effect is really awesome! Try it!!!

1 year ago

jaynetham (avatar)

jaynetham @waif0ng yes it can remove eyeliner as well! It doesn't sting but when it gets in the eyes, it can be a little uncomfortable so I usually use a cotton pad and cotton bud with the cleansing oil to remove my eye makeup :)

1 year ago

jaynetham (avatar)

jaynetham @allaboutchriselle yes!! It's like a little goes a long long way right? I think as long as you know what your skin requires, that's all that matters!

1 year ago

jaynetham (avatar)

jaynetham @huifong yes it is! But I used a foundation brush to blend it out so that I don't get such a thick and heavy coverage :)

1 year ago

jaynetham (avatar)

jaynetham @heartxfondue thanks for the recommendation!!! I'll definitely give it a shot :)

1 year ago

ashlynec (avatar)

ashlynec I agree with @heartxfondue the overnight mask is really awesome!

1 year ago

lextan (avatar)

lextan I use the overnight vitalizing mask, a gift from my Korean fren. It's quite good! 😊

1 year ago

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