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Browhaus - Brow Resurrection Ombre Review!

183839204 people have asked me where do I get my brows done and I've also answered this question many times hahaha

Before I was sponsored to do this post, and before any of this influencer thing came about, I have been going to Browhaus to get my eyebrows done! I think it's cos I generally don't trust random aunties to do my eyebrows for fear that I'll turn out like this -


This is my absolute nightmare because eyebrows are really the most important facial feature. It frames your face and says A LOT about you.

I've been going to Browhaus since I was 18,19 to get my brows threaded and it was such a huge investment then to me. But honestly worth every penny of my pocket money hahaha, which is why I'm still going there till today!

Browhaus has a 2 new Brow Resurrection techniques and I tell you, it's a MAJOR lifesaver. I have saved 5-10 minutes every morning ever since I got mine done. More on that later!

Alongside the Classic (that used to be called BR Define) and Soft (previously BR Natural), there are 2 new types you can choose from - Ombré and Full.

Ombré is full at the "tail" but has a gradient effect when it hits the "head" of your eyebrow! As for Full, it's pretty self-explanatory - it's full from head to tail!

The one on the left is Ombre, while the one on right is Full.

I liked the Ombré effect more so I tried that out!

The consultation was fairly simple - I was given an iPad with a short Q&A to assess the type of eyebrows I'd liked on achieve. I also spoke to my therapist on the kind of brows I wanted and she was very observant too. She noticed that my brows were full (I had drawn them before heading down) so she made a note to not overtrim my brows so that we can achieve that fuller effect.

Do remember to let the therapist know of your preferences during the consultation!

Shortly after, she went on to remove my brow makeup and started filling my brows to give me a sense of what my brows would look like after Brow Resurrection!

Getting them eyebrows filled.... was pretty excited to see the results just 5 mins into the consultation so i became increasingly fidgety during the 2-hour treatment!

Oh I love that my therapist constantly asked if the arch was high enough, if it's thick enough etc, which made me feel very assured that she was going to do a pretty kickass job πŸ˜‰

So this is me, after she drew my brows! It turned out pretty nice and I was tempted to go home like that hahaha but obviously that would be a bad choice cos who doesn't want permanent brows like these?! Continued lying there and couldn't wait to get started on the process for beautiful brows!

Once she was done with filling my brows to get the shape and intensity right, she applied numbing cream on my eyebrows and left me for about 20 minutes. During this time, I was taught on how to care for my brows like no water contact, to always clean with their Fix and Build products, no sun etc.

Next, she started with the treatment! I didn't take many photos as my eyes were closed but essentially I did not feel a single thing. Zero pain!

This was when we were almost done with the treatment! I didn't feel a single prick so that was perfect! The treatment process itself took about 30-40 minutes (excluding the numbing cream), so it was pretty quick!

I was told that the colour will fade off to a lighter shade over time. Oh speaking of colour, she was nice enough to match the colour of my brows to my hair! I requested for a mixture of light and dark brown so it was a safe combination!

Top is my natural eyebrows. Bottom is immediately after Brow Resurrection 😍

I was also told that it will get darker for the first 2-3 days and then it'll start to scab and peel off after that as part of the healing process.

They weren't kidding about the darker eyebrows hahaha it was pretty intense but I just went along with it by drawing a more intense makeup look with the full works 😬 It was just for 2 days so no biggie!

This was 2 days after Brow Resurrection! It didn't look that bad right?! I was actually decent enough to go out without anyone asking me "what's up with your brows?"

My sister was like "are you going to take leave on Monday cos your brows are going to be damn intense tomorrow?" I didn't cos honestly I couldn't Hahahaha and the next day, it looked ok!! It was dark for sure but not to the point I looked like εŒ…ε…¬ πŸ˜‚

So it started to scab and peel by Day 4. And it was really therapeutic watching all the dead skin drop off each time I cleaned it hahaha

Cos that meant that my eyebrows are going to be lighter!

This was me on Day 5, which actually looks like how I would normally draw my brows but the neater version!

I was really really happy with how it was turning out but no surprise really, it's Browhaus and I've been going to them for years!

This was taken on Day 10, which most of the dead skin has already peeled off and this is pretty much what it'll be for the next 18 months! Of course there'll be a touch up in 3 months but ya, I can have good eyebrows everyday and I don't even need to draw them πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

For the Ombré effect, it's $2000 while the full costs $1800! And they last for 1.5 years, depending on your skin condition!

I highly recommend doing Brow Resurrection as it's such a time-saver in the mornings! And you wake up looking half fabulous already!

Right now, they’re running a promotion for Brow Resurrection Classic at $850 (U.P $1200) that includes the aftercare kit (U.P. $160.50). All you have to do is quote “JAYNE”! Valid to 31 July 2017, not valid for master therapist, open to all outlets.

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