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Got myself a new hair colour yesterday at Salon Vim by my all-time favourite stylist, Fiona!

I didn't want to bleach my hair again cos it's been quite heavily bleached the past couple of times. And I didn't want to colour the usual browns so Fiona gave me this lovely shade of ash pearl!

Super pleased with the new hair colour and received lots of compliments for it ☺️ I don't look like a lion anymore!!! πŸ¦πŸ™…πŸ»

And whilst taking selfies of my new hair, I just realized that my hair has grown so long!!!

The last time my hair was so long I had the urge to chop it off hahahaha and I did.

I've been itching to cut it short again but the pain of growing it out is just 😱 The not here, not there length when it comes to tying is just annoying. I'm not ready to go back to that so.... I'll hold onto that the thought of chopping my hair off heh

Taken in April 2013 - the last time I chopped off most of my hair hahahaha

TBH I don't know what I was thinking and why I decided to go for it. It was really in the spur of the moment kinda thing at the salon.. Told Fiona that I was feeling quite sian with my hair and wanted to do something different so..... different it was! Hahahaha

It wasn't my first time cutting my hair so short so i felt pretty ok... Not too nervous. But it really felt liberating. Like all this weight is all gone!

But for now, no cutting hahaha. I'm just going to leave it.

I'll be heading off to Japan this week with Tricia and John and I really can't wait!

It'll be my first time experiencing winter in Japan and I hope there's still snow in Hakuba when we are there.

This trip, we are heading to Hakuba > Nagano > Tokyo. Vern and I have never been to Hakuba and Nagano so it's going to be fun! Tricia and John on the other hand have been before so it must have been a good one that they are going again with us!

One of the highlights of the trip is this!!!

We will be dining in the snowhut at Iiyama under the blanket of stars (and snow lol) 😍 I saw this somewhere online and thought it was simply beautiful and would want to experience this for myself!

I quickly checked out the website, made a reservation and planned the entire trip around this hahahaha That was how much I really wanted to see this place for myself.

Anybody's got recommendations on what to do/eat in Hakuba and Nagano? We've never been before so we are open to suggestions!

Day 49

Saturday, 18 Feb 2017

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vanillaic3 (avatar)

vanillaic3 u shld cut ur hair short. u look even more beautiful then...

1 year ago

imstephie (avatar)

imstephie There's the Jigokudani Monkey Park, snow monkeys enjoying the natural onsens. It might be slippery on the little hike up, good to have anti slip boots or you can rent one at the bottom (=
And there's always skiing and snowboarding in Hakuba.
You can always check out the weather at

Have an awesome powder trip! πŸ˜Šβ„οΈπŸŒ¨οΈ

1 year ago

whitewashedheart (avatar)

whitewashedheart you're rlly pretty!!

1 year ago

jnsh_ (avatar)

jnsh_ Ah please update about your trip!!! Your dining place looks amazing!!!

1 year ago

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