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Beauty and the Beast x Skin Inc + Mini Sephora Haul

I finally watched Beauty and The Beast yesterday evening, all thanks to Skin Inc!

Skin Inc had a private screening of the movie at GV Gold Class yesterday so I brought Vern along too! He's not exactly a Beauty and The Beast kinda guy but because I really wanted to watch it, he watched it with me 😍😘

So right before the movie, we were pampered with a mini spa session in the movie theatre!

We did the Facial In A Flash where it took about 20 mins with quick and simple steps that we did ourselves. They actually offer this at their Skin Inc outlets but of course, there will be a therapist to perform the quick facial for you lah haha

I didn't do it but Vern did, or rather I did it for him haha. He seemed to enjoy himself so I guess I did a decent job heh

Hahahaha it was quite fun actually! Vernon's face is damn big so it felt really different applying on his face vs mine lol

With the usual suspects at the movie screening 😎 @lianmeiting @vaingloriousyou and our other halves!

Today @lianmeiting and I went to Sephora cos I wanted to check out Smashbox's Under Eye Primer as I read a lot of good reviews about it online. But it's $52!!!!!! So I thought I'd actually try it first before purchasing it.

I sampled it on my hand and thought it was quite meh. It's moisturizing lah, and has a brightening effect but not sure how it would fare on the eyes. I couldn't bear to spend $52 on a primer for my undereyes so I gave it a pass. Maybe when I'm feeling richer I'll buy it lol

How can a girl walk away from Sephora empty-handed? At least not me lah hahaha. I saw the Zoeve Pure Velours lipstick and HAD to buy it.

Been looking for this kinda of nude for the longest time and finally found it!!!

It's the matte kind and the shade I'm using is Pure Plethora! So far so good.. Just that it's a little drying so my lines become a little defined. The staying power is also quite good! It's been on my lips since this afternoon and I haven't touched up at all!

So far so good... but my fav matte lipstick would have to be Kat Von D. A little goes a long way and best part is that it's is not drying at all! I highly recommend Kat Von D; it's really good! But if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, Zoeva is pretty decent too for only $21 a pop!


I also bought this from Sephora today!

I'm a sucker for Becca's stuff cos I love the glow their products give. It's pretty subtle but yet visible! And it's really light on the skin as well. Only draw back is that it's ex 😭

So @lianmeiting and I were about to pay and as we entered the queue, that was it. The queue to the cashier is THE MOST dangerous part of Sephora 🙅🏻

That's where I picked up this little tube of glow lol. I was like "ok la $29 ma! Not $60.. OK BUY" I know.. I'm hopeless!!!

So pretty right!!!!

I've been looking for a compact highlighter that I can bring to the gym and this is perfect! It comes in this small tube, about the size of my hand. And I got it in Moonstone. Well, there were 2 shades - this and Opal. Opal was quite bronzey and advised by my makeup guru friend @lianmeiting, she said Moonstone would be easier to wear.

It can be used alone as a highlighter or as base or mixed with foundation to give an overall glow! Can't wait to try this out tomorrow 😬

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Sunday, 19 Mar 2017

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pollyannamillar (avatar)

pollyannamillar I saw good reviews for e.l.f.'s undereye primer and it's less than $10! Bought it but yet to try.

1 year ago

jaynetham (avatar)

jaynetham @pollyannamillar 😱 what a steal!!! Ok I'm going to read up about it and get one to try hehe. Thanks for the recommendation!

1 year ago

lianmeiting (avatar)

lianmeiting Yay, happy makeup shopping day. I can't wait to try my new highlight tmr also. 😍

1 year ago

joneo (avatar)

joneo Oh.. Gucci shoes are hip now

1 year ago

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