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momsie to kae & luke ✨🌾🌷🌾05965

June 2019

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Yd was my last afternoon with the kiddos, knowing that I'm back to work and kae back to school on Monday Me : ' where shall we go?'K:' Orchard roaddddddd'Mr:' how about j8 at bishan?'K:'nooooo'Troubles w staying in Central with a shopaholic daughter.

Yd went to jb w my daddy for some bkt and sanlow foodie but we were trapped for 5 hours in our way back via causeway. It was what nightmares were made of.

April 2019

I’m baccccccckkkkk!

February 2019

Today I lapsed!!!!! No option so I had ckt for lunch super super bad. But I'm glad tt I felt bad haha means I'm conscious. (Self praise lol) Dinner was soup and just some stir fried pork.

Low carb year it shall beStarted on a low carb diet just a couple of days ago and I'm feeling tt my clothes r looser alr ahaha or maybe I psyched myself. Brekkie : lor Mai kaLunch: astons - chargrilled chic with corn on cob and onion rings, strawberry bbtDinner : teppanyaki haha Oops but no carbs la

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