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momsie to kae & luke ✨🌾🌷🌾05965

August 2018

Felt a great sense of satisfaction because I just found out tt two of my students r in law now. I'm so happy to know that.

July 2018

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In the midst of the desert you need to find a stream

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Today is a a brand new day. And I experience new mercies in God

Been a while since my last post. Huge update re our family : we are moving house!

May 2018

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So I went back to work and broke the news to my boss about applying for leave to be a #sahm. So much persuasion / friendly threats / concerns over how m i gna survive as a sahm with the cut in finances and on top of tt, ministry has excess so the chances of me gg back is low blah. Why can't this be a chop chop simple process? Why must it make me churn so much? #ftwm #sahm anyone has any stories/ thoughts to share?

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