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momsie to kae & luke ✨🌾🌷🌾05965

February 2019

Today I lapsed!!!!! No option so I had ckt for lunch super super bad. But I'm glad tt I felt bad haha means I'm conscious. (Self praise lol) Dinner was soup and just some stir fried pork.

Low carb year it shall beStarted on a low carb diet just a couple of days ago and I'm feeling tt my clothes r looser alr ahaha or maybe I psyched myself. Brekkie : lor Mai kaLunch: astons - chargrilled chic with corn on cob and onion rings, strawberry bbtDinner : teppanyaki haha Oops but no carbs la

My helper said she wants to go home. In April. Her contract is meant to end in aug. Im not gg to convince her to stay anymore. I've done it 5 times over the past one year. We are ready to let her go. Maybe next week. If I can find a suitable one over the next few days. If she goes it'll be based on our timing. Not hers. Can't believe she can still give us ' 2 months notice '

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Dashing diva stick on nails

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