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One Year in SG🇸🇬

Hi. i havent been writing much about my life lately because well as usual, i really dont have the time to and when i have, i'll either be chilling with friends or taking my well-deserved rest.

Life has been really hectic since i joined DBS. Everything is about my job now. Waking up it's about sales, the last thing i think of before bed is also about sales. It's seriously very stressful and challenging that i really felt that my health is getting worse.

And thats the reason why i started taking my health (very) seriously. Like getting myself vitamins, probiotics, reducing the amount of spicy food and sugar intake. Started to drink more water(which is still considered very little i guess). And the next one i'm gonna start doing is exercising! Have not been working out for so long. Feel that i need a lot of detox. Im even considering to go for acupunture like seriously😅

Health aside, i've put on sooooo much weight! Ive never been this fat before! Yes FAT! Shit literally. My colleagues have been urging me to start working out too wts😂 i'll just put the blame on working at heartlane. Too much good and cheap food here!



Though the stress that im going through, im really enjoying my job so far! The big part is probably having really great colleagues that click along very well. They are all more friends than colleagues to me. We hangout a lot after work. Be it going into JB after work around 9pm to 2/3am and work as usual the next day. Or staycay which we only slept at 5am and heading straight to roadshow at 10am the next day #overlyattachedcolleagues Madness❤️

Apart from great colleagues and boss, the second most important thing is that i can see results here! Been performing A LOT BETTER here compared to myself back in ocbc. And i believe thats the sole reason that keeps my passion burning💰🔥 Incentives and recognitions:)

I dont normally take a lot of selfies but well this is the most recent me. Time flies. Ive aged so much lol

Anw im gonna start working now. Just finished my breakfast. Have a great week ahead u all! And may your Monday be a great one💪🏻😊

Day 198

Monday, 17 Jul 2017

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