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Meh nothing really interesting going on with my life right now but oh wells. Took this selfie the other day based on this emoji 😗 i think i did good. What do you reckon?

Took an exam this afternoon. It's the FPAS thingy that my boss assigned me. I came to realize that it's a complete waste of my time. Spent my precious weekend studying at home for something so extra. I mean we all took the mandatory exams to be certified advisors. Seriously don't get what's the purpose behind it.

Had just one meal today (half chicken pie from Starbucks not counted). Pretty good Japanese set lunch at this Yayoi restaurant in Bugis Plus. Speaking of Japanese cuisine, I should maybe one day list down all the really good Japanese restaurants I've been in sg. I mean maybe

Been eyeing Goyard for awhile now. It's famous for its St Louise / Anjou but i'm not really up for that. But maybe a mini wallet / cardholder; Since i've been wanting to get a small wallet for when i switch in between my smaller bags.

This is the bi-fold St Marc purse. I love how slim and versatile it is. Minimalist at its best.

But the thing is that i figured there're actually diff designs for its inner pockets. Like this is the first one i found on Vestiaire.

And this. The second design i found out of all the others. Im guessing if it's diff model or it's just that they're all produced in diff years, but still St Marc.

And then we have this, the St Sulpice. I know a bit of effort is needed to remember their names lol. I'm actually also considering their card holder as well since it's good enough for me to carry some cards and cash. After all i need just a small ones.

And also this, the Malesherbes. What do you think? And also if i should get then customised with my initials like the pic above🤔


Day 57

Tuesday, 26 Feb 2019

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