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March 2019

Such is life. Why does this have to happen to me. After all these years of hell rides, fate is testing my patience and faith all over again. I'm unsure, and scared. About us about future. After all there's this lil woman in me who wishes to be taken care of. I'm tired of being the superwoman. I need a person whom i can call home to be there, whom i can rest and recharge my soul before the continuous battles. It's draining.

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Heya, how's Sunday for you!Headed to a cafe nearby my place today for brunch on my own. And spent the afternoon away diving into our NZ itinerary, like finally.

February 2019

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Meh nothing really interesting going on with my life right now but oh wells. Took this selfie the other day based on this emoji 😗 i think i did good. What do you reckon?

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Written this the other day while it was drizzling. Gotten all emotional while i was thinking to myself about all things possible. Career, future plans etc. But also mainly love.Realised I've been single for almost 2yrs now. After being attached for all my life since high school, this is definitely something. It got me thinking sometimes if I would ever find the one I love, the one that I'd want to spend the rest of my life with. And also that someone who'd feel exactly the same about this.

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Back in KCH for CNY 2019

Hey Dayre, woah I don't even rmb when was the last time i write about my life. CNY in just a few days and I'm already back in KCH. Touching up my hair roots now with my usual hairstylist; Good thing bout being a regular is that they don't charge you extra and will always squeeze you in their busy schedule. Same applied to my usual nail parlour in SG.

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