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stop stalking !!

June 2019

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Life Updates

been hustling alot recently - but hard work will always pay off. hang in there !!!!!

May 2019

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We argue alot, but we made up almost immediately all the time. Probably because you're extremely patient and the amount of love you have for me is insane. My closest friend would always wonder how you would put up with my mood swings - given that they're extremely extreme after uni.... And I said, because you're amazing. That's why. And I'm blessed. Sure enough, you have your fair share of flaws - but who doesn't? And I feel one of them is loving me too much.

This morning's read was an inspiring yet sad one. The unsung hero that saved two while risking his life during a earthquake, died from a paragliding incident recently :")). https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/last-adventure-palu-quake-hero-ng-kok-choong-commando-paraglider-11525526 I'm sad but such is life. Have never been more motivated than ever for a Monday after the read.

March 2019

Monday Morning. I've managed to complete a video assignment in 2 days! All by myself - well most. Feeling super proud and thankful. Thank you Lord for the strength and endurance you've given me to tide through this challenges. 4 more submissions to go, but I know I'll pull through.

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How do people go about dealing with overwhelming emotions? Oftenly, I remind myself on how blessed and lucky to be where I am right now - but many times, I doubt if this is what I was really made to go through. Sunday morning.I have so many datelines coming up. But the more datelines there is, the closer the end of this journey becomes.


Feeling extremely suffocated and lost. But then again I know this is not the worst that I've ever felt. Reaaaaallly just wanna pass uni and get the heck out of it because it's just a never-ending torture for me. I'm mentally and physically drained.

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