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April 2019

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Ww is out for late night mj sess. I came home late after a late night viewing. Back home and I’m resting alone. Some how I rly rly enjoy the alone time I have when ww is out hahaha. Idk why when ww is not around I tend to do things v slowly.. and just enjoy the peace and quiet alone in the room. I don’t even wanna on the tv. Just music me myself and I. And my phone wahah. Anyone as well? I shall rly enjoy this as much as I can before baby comes.. hahaha.

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My baby bump now. I kinda lost track of how many weeks I’m in hahaha. I think I’m 23 now. Can’t wait for my detailed scan next Monday! And Gynae check . #dayrepregnancy

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Yat lok for lunch. I remember having it the other time and thought it was damn good. This time I tried the noodles and it sucksss.... damn salty! I didn’t eat the noodles in the end I just finish up the meat. Wasted 10$ The last time I was to Hong Kong I was w my family so I don’t rly know my way around. I also don’t pay for the food. Now that I’m here myself w ww. Ermz the food are expensive sial. We spent about $70 each alr for food and transport.

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Omg the caps in hk are damn chio. Even nicer than those I saw in jap?! So tempted to get one even thou I rarely or almost never wear them. Should I?! Saw one piggy cap and I think ww might get it. Hahhaa super cute . The caps are all v loud but I like it cos it’s v special hhahaha

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