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October 2017

Hahahaha so i bought the Kotex Overnight panties to try for tonight after reading alot of good reviews. Must be too long never use pad already keep on nvr stick properly until i kept leaking all over the place in the day. Sorry tmi lolololol. Or maybe i too fat, my thighs kiap until the pad become like g string shape. Shd just use tampons but house dont have at the time my blood started flowing. Ok back to the overnight panties. It does feel very comfy even for fatty like me.

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Wah sian my menses came back ytd alrd.

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Omg i spent a few days reading finish 2 weeks worth of dayre entries

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Finally mastered how to do it on command hahahahaha. And he can open and close hands on command too. Too cute. 😍 Happy 11 mths darling!

September 2017

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So the baby is down with runny nose for a few days now. And i finally dare to write this down ... he has been healthy for the past 10mths of his life. Hahahahahahaha previously i dont dare to say cos i scare i jinx it. Continue to be strong and healthy ok.. a slight runny nose is ntg to you 💪🏻Few days ago he also had a slightly high temp.. at about 38.1 but was ok the next morning. Dont get me starting about his teething probs. Now i finally know why this time so bad and taking so long

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