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“Mummy don’t angry meimei”
“Meimei, good girl ok? Don’t cry.”

This girl kept crying last night I scolded and ignored her while she wails.

Her jiejie went to sayang her though.

I dunno why I was so impatient ytd. Tbh meimei had been treating me well so far. She usually self sooth to sleep and although she still wakes up in the middle of the night to drink, she goes back to sleep right after her feed. In the morning she wakes up once to drink after jiejie goes to school and sleep until noon or sometimes 1pm.

Giving me plenty of rest time in the morning. She also doesn’t really fuss when she’s home the whole day until jiejie and daddy comes home la. 😅

But last night I snapped at her because she refused to be put down and wanted me to rock her. She would fell asleep and the moment I stopped rocking she woke up crying. And this is the second time it happened.

2 times in almost 6 months is actually okay right? But my back ache la cos I was doing headbands the whole afternoon so I didn’t want to rock her? Den she refused to be carried by anyone else? So naturally I got damn Pek cek

Den after they both finally fell asleep I thought about it and felt damn guilty.

Cos meimei wasn’t feeling too well the whole day with a bit of runny nose. N I should be more understanding because it’s her first time falling sick? Must be damn uncomfortable for her?


But she’s all ok now though. 😂

I love my girls so so much!

Day 101

Thursday, 11 Apr 2019

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