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updated 2 months ago

Solid food

Making pumpkin purée.

Currently giving her about 60ml of purée each time. Not sure how much to give actually?

We did BLW for Janessa but plan to do mix for meimei since she will be going to IFC.

Meimei first food is avocado just like jiejie. both of them don’t really like it? Hahahahaha

This is Jiejie

Mosquito bite

Jiejie got bitten by mosquito near her left eye n it swell so bad that even her right eye is abit swollen.

It was really bad. Don’t look like herself anymore? She look at the mirror n told me her eyes spoil. Lolol

But she said it’s not painful, just itchy. So I applied hydrocortisone cream for her n kept reminding her not to scratch it. She really didn’t scratch ok. 😭 when it’s unbearable she will use her blankie n press it on her eye 😂

So much better today already?? It’s still red around her eyes cos she tend to rub her eyes when she sleeps.

Last sat we went jb with @qxsad n xy for brunch n to cut hair! The jam was quite bad it took us 2 hours plus to go in?

Their twinning 🍦 shirt hehe

My cutie pies

Day 120

Tuesday, 30 Apr 2019

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Pearberry (avatar)

Pearberry omg what kind of mutant mosquito is that?? swell until so poor thing... jiejie v guai! really try so hard not to scratch... glad it is better!

2 months ago

qxsad (avatar)

qxsad Janessa so brave. 😭😭😭

2 months ago

thornsonroses (avatar)

thornsonroses haha my eyes spoil already 😅 oh noooo... ugh the itch must have been so unbearable

2 months ago

thornsonroses (avatar)

thornsonroses Caelia only taking bout 30ml of solids 2x a day :)

2 months ago

janellenaj (avatar)

janellenaj @pearberry yah man dunno what kind of mosquito 😐

@qxsad yahhhh 😭😭

@thornsonroses oh lol shit maybe I give too much. I gave 60ml twice a day 😂

2 months ago

thornsonroses (avatar)

thornsonroses no la it’s ok one... if she can eat why not, slowly increase :)

2 months ago

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