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updated 2 months ago

Happy 6 months!

We went for a free photoshoot last week! But we paid $100 in the end for all the soft copies. 😅 the price is ok but Jalyssa wasn’t too cooperative so we didn’t get lots of nice pictures.

Hahahaha have to cover abit cos girl girl mah.

The photographer wanted her to be half naked and the Husband thinks it’s quite cute so okay lor.

Look at those rolls LOL.

She’s no longer the small size baby anymore 😂

Also don’t want girl girl to be too fat la but shall build a bit of reserves first. Probably gonna lose the fats when she starts running and all.

Didn’t expect a family photo so wasn’t prepared at all. The husband is in shirt n pants cos he sneaked out during work to accompany us 😂 n jiejie is not here too.

Okkkk photo upload fail.

So I shall rant abit. I’ve been feeling so stressed up recently. Like again. Maybe cos job searching haven’t been going too well and I’ve been feeling lots of unhappiness in this house too. 😕

Not that I’m desperate for a job but in order to move out soon I need to get a job? Cos $$$ too.

Also feel that it’s harder to get a job because I haven’t been working for the past 3 years, plus I have kids? ☚ī¸

Technically I’m not not working la. I make and sell headbands for a living for the past 2 years? But I dunno how to add that in my resume LOL.

Day 111

Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

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qxsad (avatar)

qxsad The photos look amazing. 😍😍

2 months ago

Pearberry (avatar)

Pearberry the censored bar is so cute 😂 babe, must put your business in your resume! it is so many skills leh, handling procurement, logistics, one-woman factory work lol. even more amazing you were juggling it while being a mom to two kids loh.

2 months ago

Bianbianmeow (avatar)

Bianbianmeow Family photo is so so nice!!! 💕

2 months ago

janellenaj (avatar)

janellenaj @qxsad 🙆đŸģ‍♀ī¸đŸ™†đŸģ‍♀ī¸đŸ™†đŸģ‍♀ī¸

@pearberry everyone has been telling me that!! I’m gonna edit them today and send again lolol. So bad at job searching hahah. But thank you so much!!

@Bianbianmeow hehe thanks!! I wish she’s as smiley as Darius in the photos though. 😂

2 months ago

Pearberry (avatar)

Pearberry @Pearberry babe, can check out www.mumsatwork.net ... I think they have tie ups with big companies on programmes to get mums back to work. good luck!

2 months ago

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