Janelle (avatar)
updated 1 month ago

So the menses is back 2 days ago. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

I’m still fully bf-ing (ok pumping) for meimei. Why u come back so soon?!!!!

To be fair, there’s actually no cramps or discomfort or anything like that hahah but so troublesome? I don’t wantttttt

Supply still remains the same... for now. 🤞🏻

Insert a pic of my cutie pie 😁

She’s turning 7m next week! Not sure how long more I’m gonna pump for her cos it’s really not an easy job but I’m glad I’ve come this far this time.

N I didn’t spend much money buying all the barangs for bf hahahaha. Only bought a S1 (S9 from last time), storage bottles and bags, n 6 bottles of milkingcow (HAHAHA not cos it boost my supply but cos it’s yummy).

Oh the last time we went to the pd I bhb asked for sample of enfamil (a tin of 450g) 😂 for standby. Saved a $20 at least HAHAHA

Anyway this girl, can no longer lie down on the rocker. She sits like that. All she want to do the whole day is sit or carry. 😑

Didn’t buy new toys for her. It’s all jiejie’s toys n teether from last time 😂 teether can reuse one right? 😅 I sanitized in hot water la.

New toy came today! The seat is the same print as the fisher price rocker 😂

Oh n she’s having flu and cough for the first time. 😖

This little lady here too. Plus slight fever. Omg wish me luck tonight.

Day 136

Thursday, 16 May 2019

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Pearberry (avatar)

Pearberry meimei is sitting so well! my JY will slowly topple over 🤣

1 month ago

janellenaj (avatar)

janellenaj @pearberry hahaha she will fall sometimes too so I can only put her sitting on bed! 😅

1 month ago

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