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July 2017

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I've been MIA from this space for quite a while now, but I'm have some information to share which a lot of people have been asking me for! So the best way to do it... Is to have it up here! So lately I've been Told 'Hey you look good today.. but I can't figure out why... 'And then they ask'Did you grow out your lashes?', 'Are your lashes real?'.Strange questions and here are the explanations: 1. My friends know I didn't have good eyelash extension experiences, so they presumed they were

February 2017

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Taken down by an injury!!!!

January 2017

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You know how there are times when you read a really good book. And then.. you stop all of a sudden and start on another whole new book because you're just going too fast, too eager to finish it? I figured maybe it's just me. Because sometimes my friends/Boyfriend can never understand how I read multiple books at the same time. I'm never one to move on completely from something I enjoy/love doing. I guess this is how I would describe resting this chapter of my life for now.

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