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updated 2 months ago

2019 resolution

1. Reduce bbt intake (yes again, i know)
Like what @Dreyreyyy told me, i shall set a figure to it and aim to keep up with my resolution.
So it shall be...........once a week? (Sounds good?)

2. Jog twice a week or i should say make it more consistent. (Cause in 2018, some weeks i jog once, some weeks thrice and some weeks none.)

3. Was telling @wenqitoh that i'm kinda lost in life. Like besides working, eating, jogging, meeting friends and sleeping, i dont really have a hobby. So probably before CNY, i should really find a new direction in life. Like a purpose to live for.
***this would be a challenge, cause i'm not into yoga, volunteering work, handicrafts. Probably my current hobby would be no. 7 below

4. Save money (control my expenses)

5. Pass my driving. TP is just next week

6. Put in effort to meet up with my friends. Stop the "ya, lets meet" text and really schedule a date and legit meet up.

7. Continue with my travel diary

8. Spend more time with my fam

9. Be active in my CCA and also to do more for my team at work

10. Let me think......

Day 1

Tuesday, 1 Jan 2019

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ketupatbobo (avatar)

ketupatbobo travelling isint considered a hobby..

2 months ago

j_oh_pott (avatar)

j_oh_pott Errrr its a diary....... @ketupatbobo

2 months ago

wenqitoh (avatar)

wenqitoh Happy 2019!!! 😊😊😊

2 months ago

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