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CNY | Wedding | V'day

Work is piling up and this is me everyday. Before I know it, it's already 4.15pm and it's like where did the time fly to?!

I have so many back-to-back events and I cannot wait for March to be over already. T.T

That also explains my absence here because I draft my posts in the office =X

My schedule at home mostly is.. reach home > change to home clothes > cook dinner > bathe before Aaron comes back if possible > dinner together > TJC work > catch some TV if possible.

Let me try and do a recap before I forget everything!

We went to River Hongbao 2 Sundays ago with my family!

It's our annual tradition to visit this place since we were young. It's not that fun ever since it moved to the floating platform but we just go for the atmosphere.

There used to be a much bigger statue of this and there would be a fortune shower where golden confetti are released.

The tradition of using umbrella to catch all the confetti never changed. Really, Singaporeans are damn kiasu. What are you going to do with the confetti after?

Well if it's yours it will be yours.

They came looking for me!

Good $$$ year hopefully!

The animal statues are pretty cute this year. Geometrical and it reminded me of the ones I did for TJC :D

And a family selfie to end the day!

It's a great family tradition and I hope to continue this for as long as possible. Aaron doesn't get why we like to go to crowded places like these but it's just something we do every year and it has become a CNY staple already.

My parents forgot to asked me along when they went because I moved out. I made a big fuss about it and they remembered this year haha.

And the first vegetarian meal I prepared which tasted decent even without garlic and onion!

Aaron has a vegetarian diet for the full 15 days of CNY. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be in terms of food prep. I try my best to accompany him in his vegetarian diet but so far, only when I cook dinner after work =X

Went for my very first Indian wedding over the weekend!

It was an eye-opener for me and indeed very interesting.

The groom came in with his entourage first, and then there was a ceremony on stage. When done, they will leave, and it would be the bride's turn.

Then she leaves and the groom comes in again. followed by her.

The groom!

The bride's entourage

With the newly weds!

We saw a lot of people leaving the wedding hall where the ceremony started and it turns out that they went down for the buffet dinner! We only figured it out when there were visible pockets of space here and there.

So what happened after is that you return to the hall to congratulate the couple. Interesting!

Also, the vegetarian food was awesome 😋😋

We went to Joie by Dozo for our Valentine's Day dinner!

I made a reservation via their website and there weren't any V'day menu online so I thought it was their regular dinner menu. Oh boy I should have known. Imagine our faces when we saw the menu after we sat down.

It was the second seating, we were pretty hungry and it would be very weird to just leave so we had it. The hubs was skeptical about it, thinking that he would still be hungry after the dinner but he was wrong.

Our starters!

Pistachio crust on the right, oyster leaves in the middle and corn cracker on the left.

The blob on the cracker is basically like a gigantic liquid pearl which burst the moment you bite into it.

Basically very sweet fruit punch and lychee drink with colouring.

Vegetable tempura. Nothing special about it.

Parnips soup on the left, and green tea cappuchino on the right.

The green pea soup is wow. It was goooddddd. We overhead the waiter advising another couple to drink the green pea soup like how you would with a cappuchino. Nobody told us anything so we just drank it like a normal soup. STILL GOOD.

The tartare in the middle is actually made up of watermelon and strawberry!

My favourite fruits so I love this one.

Mushroom steak on hot stone.

It was okay, but I think my favourite part of this dish is actually the truffle mashed potato side.

Chef's risotto with quinoa, white asparagus and wave of love.

The wave of love is essentially the golden crackers in lohei but bigger.

This was actually a wrong order but the waiter told us to keep this dish as well.

Ravioli which was our original order. In the end, both of us preferred the risotto much more than this.

The ravioli itself was rather plain-tasting.

Espresso espuma, berries garden and bubbles of love.

The bubbles was nothing like love. It tasted weird actually.

I'm a bit confused by the name because the blob on the right is the espresso, but espuma is the Spanish word for foam.

I suppose the bubbles of love is the pink foam so why is the espresso called espuma?

Nevertheless, a great end to the meal, although I would prefer not to have the bubbles of love.

The hubs got me a bouquet from @amytanned again! 🥰

Really did not expect it because I had CNY lunch and CSR on the same day and that meant leaving the office at 12pm.

20 min after we left, Aaron called to check if I'm in the office (which I wasn't) and I told him to tell the deliveryman to leave it at the guardhouse.

My colleague collected for me when he went back to get his car and I got it only after our CSR LOL.

So this went from deliveryman > Guardhouse > Colleague A > Colleague B > me

It's still sitting prettily on my dining table ❤️

With my forever valentine💕

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Monday, 18 Feb 2019

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blubaobao (avatar)

blubaobao I like the food from Joie!

5 months ago

ivyyt (avatar)

ivyyt @blubaobao oh yes it's really nice haha. But Aaron went for Elemens the next day and he preferred that one!

5 months ago

blubaobao (avatar)

blubaobao Maybe I’ll try that next time! :D @ivyyt

5 months ago

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