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photo dump

Photo dump!

Wanted to update last week but things got busy and exciting as we prepare for the new addition to our family!

So excited to have her!

We visited Bayley 2 Saturdays ago and she seems to be a half active half lazy cat. Haha. Seems to be pretty at ease with us so it was a good sign.

Here's her fat brother, cashie, who is at a whopping 10kg!

Bayley looks pretty tame and she doesn't scratch so I hope that is a good sign for our furniture..

We are in the midst of meshing our house up the next step would be a house visit from the fosterers before they bring Bayley over. I am hoping we can get her by this weekend!

The fosterer sent me a photo of Bayley when they first picked them up.

She was 4 months old, and was found at Changi chalet. I can't wait to be a pawrent :3

My childhood dream is coming true!

We visited Jewel last week during the preview and omg it's so damn crowded.

I took the night slot because that's the only time my parents could make it. I wished we were there in the day though, the natural lighting made everything look so good.

Everybody fascinated with the light show but tbh I don't really like light shows. Meh.

Changi airport holds a special place in my heart because it's my family's favourite hangout place lol.

We are the crazy people who drives from the west to the east just to have dinner at the airport.

I can't wait for the crowd to die off so that we can fully explore the place. We didn't even head down to the basement during our 3-hour stay there.

And my brother snapped this photo of our dad. No face but still looks good!

We went to Pizza Express for dinner and my dad was just talking to the server, pointing to the paper hats that kids get and asked why he doesn't have it lol.

So the server, whom I suspect is actually the store manager, told us that if we all wore the hats, she'd give us a free dessert! And that's what we did LOL. Super onz.

Had a random date night with the husband because we wanted to use up the $$ he has in MilesLife given how unstable it has become.

Dinner was at Dallas Restaurant and Bar.

My date!

Felt a little cheated by this calamari because it was freaking $16 for 3 pieces! #dayrefoodies #dayrefatties

My steak.

At 250gram it was a huge serving for me, but very happy to have it :3

Ribs for him.

Wedges was nicer than my fries haha.

Our peach and cranberry cobbler.

We enjoyed our dinner albeit the overpriced calamari. The price isn't too expensive for the food we ordered and it's a nice place for dates so yea I would recommend!

Went to JB over the long weekend!

My favourite cookie and that's one of the reasons why we love Doubletree haha.

Our first stop - People and Places Cafe.

Heard so much good stuff about this place and we finally visited the place.

It is located at an industrial area so I was a bit blur when we reached. And because it's so ulu, we kinda didn't wanna leave when the waiting time was 30-45 min so we just waited.

Realised that there was a birthday party and that could be the reason why there was a long wait!

Flat white was milky. my kinda coffee though.

Quesadilla was really goodddddd! No wonder this was like one item I saw in a lot of posts haha

Same price but in RM. So good. yums.

Our loots from Aeon 😂😂

Bio-home was cheaper than SG by $1 per bottle so we just had to get it hahahaha #dayrehomes if you're heading to JB you can consider! We brought a cabin-sized luggage for our shopping. We took a train so it was convenient la.

Our shopping has changed now that we are home-owners lol.

We hit 30RM with this and the hubs got a lucky draw. In the end we had another drink lolol.

There's a Kaison at Aeon Tebrau!

It's been a while since I last came here so everything looks foreign to me. Still prefer the bigger Kaison at Paradigm Mall.

Love that pineapple laundry bag but we have more than enough laundry bags at home already.

Finally went back to check-in!

Pillow menu~

We took the last option and it was awesome! Both of us had a very great sleep that night haha

Caught P Storm the next day. The movie felt like there were several cuts though. It was too abrupt to be uncut.

$5.50 per person I don't hiam so much la.

Went for a walk with the hubs before the week starts.

Trying to make this a weekly thing but i can't wake up in the mornings =x

Changed our route and came across this trail!

Looks like autumn eh?

This is more accurate hahaha.

That was actually Lightroom edits!

Came across this tree with pom pom-like flowers. Didnt notice if there's a sign though. Gonna take the route soon to check it out again.

So cute isn't it?

Day 112

Monday, 22 Apr 2019

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Burninwater_ (avatar)

Burninwater_ Thanks for looking into adoption! I am also a first time cat parent to 2 cats haha but I’m Glad I overcame the odds for my cats

1 month ago

ivyleh (avatar)

ivyleh So happy for you!!

1 month ago

chubbyun (avatar)

chubbyun Congrats! And the plate of calamari is really expensive. Hope they did taste more yummy!

1 month ago

pokedough (avatar)

pokedough People&places will have another branch at R&F mall which will be nearer to the customs!

1 month ago

ivyyt (avatar)

ivyyt @Burninwater_ your cats are so cute!! haha

@ivyleh :3 :3

@chubbyun haha I convinced myself they are the most delicious calamari I've ever had.

@pokedough yeah I saw the post when I returned, I think opening this week!

1 month ago

Burninwater_ (avatar)

Burninwater_ Haha thanks! But just rmb to cat proof your house :) excited for Bayley to join you!

1 month ago

ivyyt (avatar)

ivyyt @Burninwater_ it's in progress hehehe.

1 month ago

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