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JB staycation! 🚎

Hello from #JB!

Got a staycation at Holiday Villa after reading so much from Dayre, so thank you to those who tagged their posts with #JB or #johorbahru! #ivyytravels #dayretravel

Took us about 2 hours to cross over to Malaysia and it was about 12.30pm by the time we reached +60! A's friends joined us for a short day trip so there were 5 of us!

Our first stop was Bev.C cafe which is in the same street as Hiap Joo Bakery!

Read so much reviews about this place, I just had to pay them a visit!

It's interesting because it has an inconspicuous shopfront, & it's a clothing store on the ground floor as well.

The cafe is on the 2nd level and it's rather small. The only space available was a sofa for the 5 of us so it was very squeezy. There's no table so how do we eat?

Thankfully a group nearby told us they were leaving so we got seats!

Must-have: their house specials, coffee ice cubes!

Pour the milk and wait for the ice cubes to melt :D

They don't have much food, so it's only croissant.

But I gotta say, it's really good! #dayrefoodies #dayrefatties

There's a choice of charcoal or almond. The group prefers almond but I like charcoal more because I don't like almond 😁

This is one cafe that I will come back to!

A small portion of the cafe, with better lighting. The area we were seated at was very dim. If you wanna get photos with natural lighting, take the window seats!

That's an actual bed there btw. Lol.

The guys still could eat so we went to IT Roo Cafe, a street behind Bev.C. Look out for a shop with green shades with "The best chicken chop in town"

Wedges were very salty, but the mushroom sauce tasted like twisties. Interesting taste, but not to my liking.

Took a grab car to KSL cos we wanted to catch Line Walker. It was RM7.

The time slot was full so while our two friends went for a haircut, we went to check in!


We got a superior room, their cheapest room, initially but there weren't any rooms available. The next tier are the deluxe rooms which are also taken up so we got a freaking SUITE!

We paid $84 for a superior room btw. SO AWESOME! ✌🏼️

Our view!

Went for some dessert since there wasn't any movies for us, and the rest wanted to go back early to avoid the jam, and catch some Pokemon. Lol.

Durian snow ice from Snow City Dessert! Yums. Haven't had any durian this year yet, so this is the closest I am to the real fruit.

Bandung/Green tea snow ice!

Wouldn't recommend this.

The usual mango and pomelo saga.

Suggestion: have all these before eating the durian one because durian overpowered the rest. Lol.

A and I caught suicide squad (finally!) S$4.50 ticket ✌🏼️✌🏼

Went for a walk at Watsons, local pharmacy and Tesco. Watsons didn't have a lot of sale right now.

The supplements that we wanted to get are cheaper at their local pharmacy than Watsons surprisingly.

Saw this at Tesco and I got a shock. Like.. $8 only?!

Choosing between this and Chicken Up but so glad we went for BKT!

Our usual order.


So glad we booked ours when we checked in because there was a crowd and some had to be turned away because it was full.

We had a 1.5hr traditional Thai massage and it was super shiok.

It was 130.40RM but because we are hotel guests, we had 10% off.

Finally got to try Thai Odyssey after so many trips and this just top my list of the massage places that we have went. 👍🏼

Ending the day with our very first selfie of the day hahaha.

Night night! ✨

Day 233

Saturday, 20 Aug 2016

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vanessaxlim (avatar)

vanessaxlim I was there today tooo! hahah ✌🏻️✌🏻

1 year ago

ivyyt (avatar)

ivyyt @vanessaxlim same places but different timing! Hahaha!

1 year ago

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