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boracay day 7! 🌴🌊

Woke up early for breakfast at Sunny Side Cafe!

Another activity today :D

A's smoked salmon with poached eggs.

My rosti πŸ˜‹

It was goooddddd and super filling.

Met the guide and we went out to the sea!

For parasailing!

As usual, we booked via Klook. After comparing the rates and everything, Klook's prices were the best. There's no need for me to haggle too.

Parasailing is about 4,500php BEFORE haggling. Try to haggle until 1,500php. That's about 50SGD. We paid 47SGD on Klook.

The good thing about booking from klook is that you can use your promo code, and the guide will meet you at your hotel and send you back to whichever station you want to after.

Our guide was very nice to help us spam pics :D

Off we go!

He asked if we were okay with getting wet. If yes, he'll purposely dip us into water a few times.

We were practically their kite for 15 minutes. Lol.

We were just admiring the view and chatting up in the sky.

15 minutes was over before we knew it.

Ahhh. They dipped us into the sea.

They sent us back to Station 3 after.

Rested for a while before walking to Station 2 for lunch. This is Aria. It was always crowded whenever we walked past them. We had quite a bit of money left and we decided to splurge here.

Happy happy A.

Some saladddd. It was free flow balsamic dressing. So. Freaking. Strong.

Seafood soup.


This meal easily cost us about 1,200php?

Went to D'talipapa for a walk and to see if there's anything to purchase. The souvenirs are mostly the same - keychains, shirts and pens.

The wet market where you buy fresh seafood and head to a restaurant and get them to cook.

We didn't get any. Too full and no feel. πŸ™Š

We went back for a massage after the long walk.

This time round, we tried Abe Blind Massage Place. They are located just outside Hey Jude South Beach.

They have private rooms which are a little further away and we went for a full body massage. 400php for 1 hour and 650php for 1.5 hours. It was sooo good. Would recommend them if you're at Station 3!

Last dip in the blue blue sea.

And to catch the sunset.

I guess we were lucky that the rain came only during our first 3 days.

It's really beautiful. I understand why people like white beach and the sunset here so much.

Went back to wash up and packed a little before heading out for dinner. It was almost 9 by the time we went out.

They have a lot of such stalls along the beach and the keychains are actually very pretty. I was very intrigued and bought a bit back as souvenirs :D

Went back to Smoke Resto for the third and last time.

Spicy squid which was damn yummy. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‹

A's stuffed squid which didn't satisfy him.

And some buttered vegetables because we haven't had vegetables for a while.

Walked back to Station 3 and the guy in front of us picked up a lady along the streets.

We were walking behind them for a while and the expression on the locals were priceless. They were smiling, laughing, pointing to their friends about the new couple in front of us.

Ladies who are going with your boyfriends/husbands, don't walk too far away from them! A was almost approached. She stopped after seeing me walk right next to him.

Went to Red Pirates Bar for a while to chill. It's just right in front of our accommodation but we never visited it despite walking past them everyday.

It's very small and cozy. Joey, the owner, talked to us and we found out that he has 2 boats for sailing trips. It's not the usual island-hopping ones. He brings his guests to the mainland, and to his garden where he grows fruits and herbs to be used in the bar.

A Korean dude showed me some photos of their trips. We later learned that his name is Khan and he teaches Korean in Boracay.

It was very interesting. Seems like most of the customers are regulars. People took turns to perform.

I wished we knew about the sailing trips earlier because from the photo that Khan showed us, it was really different from the others.

Please please visit Red Pirates Bar when you're in #Boracay!

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Day 220

Tuesday, 8 Aug 2017

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Hellogoodbyes (avatar)

Hellogoodbyes Hi babe! Did u guys book all the activities via klook before going to boracay? I'm heading there tomorrow but we hvnt decide on the activities yet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

11 months ago

ivyyt (avatar)

ivyyt @Hellogoodbyes I booked the activities when we were there! Just check and book them 24 hours before, you should be fine :)

11 months ago

Hellogoodbyes (avatar)

Hellogoodbyes Sure! Thanks for the tips!☺️

11 months ago

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