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boracay day 6! 🌴🌊 Ariel's Point

Day 6 was the highlight of our trip because we went to Ariel's Point!

We booked via Klook because it's cheaper and we still have promo code! It's 55USD if you book directly with Ariel's Point. That's about 77sgd. It's $68 on klook and after using promo code etc, it's about $61 for me!

We had a bit of trouble because our trip was supposed to be on 5th but it was cancelled due to bad weather. I wrote an email in just to ensure we have an assurance that we can change our trip in black and white.

Mine was done rather quickly but for A's, they wanted him to write in to klook to change. I forwarded my email to Klook just in case. I got my amended voucher on 6th, but still nothing for A. We made a call to Ariel's House and they said to just appear.

In the end, I only got a reply from Klook after our trip even though they said it's 24hour support. Bleh.

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Our identification tag + souvenir!

Party boat!

Unlimited alcohol was given out the moment the boat started moving.

Excited much!

The boat ride took about 30min. Ariel's Point is at the mainland.

15m cliff!

We had about an hour plus before lunch was served so of course, we started jumping off the cliff.

I was very excited about Ariel's Point because I wanna cliff jump. But once I got onto the plank, I got really scared.

The trick is not to look down. Easy to say, hard to do.

It's rather safe because there were 2 lifeguards in the sea below. They have such eagle eyes. I jumped and they spotted my Fitbit dropping.

Shoutout to @braintango for bringing in this wonderful swimsuit! I didn't have to worry about revealing anything more than I should! #obc #ourbraletteclub

My 5m jump!

In the end I did it twice.

Here's the husband's turn.

Lunch was served!

Had to stop all activities.

Not too bad.

After lunch, we were free to do whatever we want.

There were quite a number of activities available: snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddling.

We managed to stand up! It was fun :D

There were only 2 of these so we quickly returned because there were people waiting for it. It's nice that people are quite considerate when it comes to these activities with limited quantities.

Kayaking was next!

Together for almost 5 years and it's our first time kayaking together.

I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be the last time 😬

A quiet spot on the other side of Ariel's Point.

We went snorkeling for a while before they announced we have 15 minutes left.

I rushed to head up because I really wanted to conquer at least the 8m cliff jump.

Walked up to the 15m plank and I chickened out. The view is still vivid in my mind as I'm writing this now 😡

Went for the 8m one instead. Hesitated for a while. One of the staff started talking to me and said if I don't do it, I won't do it anymore because we were heading back to Boracay.

And so.. I walked to the plank. He counted down for me but I couldn't jump. Others noticed and they started cheering as well.

After hesitating for 1 minute..

I jumped.

It was exhilarating. The last jump of the trip.

I don't think I'll ever do it again. The older you get, the more timid you become. I think this is very true for me. Rewind a few years and I might just do the 15m jump πŸ˜‚

You can hear the crowd cheering. I think that's the fun of it. Strangers cheering for you, encouraging you. It was πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Bartender resuming her duties the moment we got into the boat.

It went crazy the moment she started playing Spin the Bottle.

Most of us got it in some way or another. Lol.

Then a dance party started.

When we got off the boat, I asked how many bottles of Rum we cleared just with the game. It was 8 bottles πŸ˜‚

3 rum and coke, 1 mouthful of rum neat was what did it for me.

I don't know how, but we managed to walk from station 1 all the way back to station 3.

In my drunken state, I still remembered to catch the sunset hahahaha

It was beautiful.

Think it was pretty amazing the both of us walked all the way back, showered, and concussed. I know I did. We woke up at 12mn feeling hungry.

Went out for a super duper late dinner. It was such a horrible feeling. Puked a bit here and there. Thankfully I didn't get a hangover the next morning!

It's probably the last time I'm gonna get drunk.. hopefully. 🀞🏼

Day 219

Monday, 7 Aug 2017

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adatann (avatar)

adatann Did the 8m jump have lifeguards? It looks so heart stopping already! 😰

11 months ago

caffeinefix (avatar)


11 months ago

ivyyt (avatar)

ivyyt @adatann yes! The lifeguards are all in the sea, so they'll give you the green light to jump :)

@caffeinefix try it on an empty stomach and you'll be drunk too!

11 months ago

carriesim (avatar)

carriesim Omg Ariel point. I remember when I was there, all the ang mohs were like apprehensive about jumping and my and my friends got impatient. Three of us Asian girls decided we'll start. Damn garang, I just jumped off first. But once was enough cos I landed badly. Hahaa. It wasn't so bad to jump off, but can't forget the pain of slapping onto the water!!!

11 months ago

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