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Catching up


It's been a while and I'm finally back in this space. MIA due to an insane amount of workload. I had 4 back-to-back events in the span of a month on top of everyday work. Have earned 4 off-in-lieus for these already.

So many things have happened since my last entry! I guess the first thing that caught my attention when I came into Dayre is the whole dayre2.0 updates!

On dayre2.0

I've been trying to catch up with all that's happening hahaha. Looking forward to the new dayre even though it is now payable.

This space has been a great community for me ever since I found it in 2016 and it serves as a memory place for me. Even though most of my stuff have been exported to WordPress previously, I still like how helpful this space has been to me.

We'll see but I think I should back up all my posts. Just went to take a look and it's.. 1 years' worth of posts 😂

On trying new stuff...

like a freedom cup.

I was considering this for the longest time and I finally took the plunge when @/ellenxxxo asked if anyone wanted to share her purchase on #dayrebeauty telegram chat.

I was already reading up all the menstrual cup posts here and when my period finally came, i was still a bit hesitant HAHAH.

For my first try, it took me a long while to get it in because I was afraid. Afraid that it hurts, afraid that I'm doing it wrong. All the psychological barriers also la.

If a baby can come out from there, this cup shouldnt be an issue LOL.

I panicked when I tried to take it out but couldn't reach the tip. Read the instruction booklet back & forth & told myself to calm down before pushing it.

After 5 days, my trouble is still getting it in. I am unsure of which angle to try pushing HAHA. Like I didn't dare to push too hard if I feel like it wasn't going anywhere. (But it was actually in the correct direction, just needed to go a lil deeper)

And I cant seem to remove the suction even by trying to push the cup in so i think I need to work on this.

Other than that, I kinda got the hang of using the cup and making sure that it pops into a cup when it's inside. Should have known about this earlier because it is so so so so so convenient?!

Like I dont have to worry about overflow, having to check on the tampons and pads every now and then, especially during heavy flow. I don't have to worry about leakage when I sleep at night.

I'm now an advocate for #menstrualcup but i think it really does take a while for most girls to take the step forward to change out of the usual pads to tampons or even menstrual cups.

Man it's like a whole new world.

On travels

I'm so glad we got things moving!

For the longest time, we couldnt decide where we wanna go to in Europe for our honeymoon. #dayretravel

We only have 2 weeks because that's the maximum amount of leave the husband can take.

There are so many places I wanna go to in Europe and it's impossible to squeeze too many places if I don't wanna touch and go so we've decided on...

Switzerland and Italy!

We booked our air tickets with Qatar and it was about 1.1k/pax.


It's my first trip to Europe and we're gonna celebrate our two wedding anniversaries there! :3

If anyone has any recommendations, please share with me!

Apart from Jungfrau for Switzerland, I've no idea where to go yet.

For Italy we're thinking of Florence, and Rome and I'm desperately trying to squeeze Venice in.

Directions wise, Venice is very out of the way but I really really wanna go there!

Also heading back to Bali during the long National Day weekend!

Cant wait for some sun. sand and drinks.

Do nothing and just laze by the beach or the pool.

Thinking of heading to Nusa Penida for a day trip too. Worth it? Any recommendations?

Also wanna go for some surfing classes :D

On solo travel

I've always wanted to do a solo trip and I figured this would be a good year to do it before we start a family.

I was thinking of heading to Taiwan because language wouldn't be a problem and it's been a good whole 10 years since I've been there.

Would May be a good time to go? A little last minute to be planning for a trip in May since it's almost mid April already.. Or I'll probably do it when the husband has his reservist.

But I know a part of me would be homesick, or lovesick haha.

There were trips where I wished the husband was there with me. Like things I saw, places I went, all I could think about was "if only Aaron is here to see this", "next time must bring him here"

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one right? Haha.

But I really really really really wanna do this solo trip thing!

On beauty

Pretty ashamed to say that I've only been taking my skincare routine seriously only recently.

My mum has always reminded me since young but I'm like mehhhhh still got time la. And then I started spotting some lines which started worrying me lol and that was the start.

Anyway, I've been following Ksisters for a while and was introduced to IWLT. My cousin also talked about IWLT so I went to hunt for their products when I was in Korea.

So these are some of my (new) stash...

A mixture of items from ksisters and airfrov, depending on where is cheaper haha.

I always thought ksisters stuff are expensive but when I did research, some of their prices are pretty reasonable.

My IWLT stash lol.. the ones that are still in boxes are my extras :x

I think that IWLT cleanser really works well for my skin. I have much lesser breakouts even during my PMS. I've already finished 1 bottle and starting on the 2nd bottle soon. Airfrov-ed 3-4 bottles back because it's cheaper on Shilla DFS!

I was lucky to be picked as one of their consumer tester and I have to say Ksisters really bring in good products that work.

My eyes are less puffy after using it, there's a significance difference to my dark circles.

But I've been back to my bad habit of rubbing my eyes la >.< Thinking of putting lash extension again to look pretty and to stop myself from rubbing my eyes. When $$ is involved I think I'll be less inclined to run my eyes HAHAHA.

I've also been learning a lot from the dayrebeauty telegram chat group. Such an enabler! Haha but it's nice that people are sharing tips, recommendations and deals!

Realized that it can't be found on telegram itself so here's the link..


On TheJoyCrafters

Christmas and CNY was a crazy period because there was a surge in orders. Naturally it's a happy problem but there was only one pair of hands so it was really tough. After work, i head home to cook dinner and then start on craft work till 1am everyday.

I decided to take things slower after. Less ads, and things became so much better. I've got time for TV with the huband, I've got time to do other things, I spread things out and did them at a slower pace.

I think my pace now is good, with a good balance between work, TJC work and spare time.

Nonetheless, it felt so good doing TJC work after a long day at work.

Every customisation is a challenge to me. I've just completed one which is like a tough challenge to me in my short TJC career. Hahaha.

Dont wanna reveal the entire board yet because it's a gift.

Man the lion.. really last warning hahahaha.

Glad that it still turns out decent!

For a 21st birthday party :D

My new favourite font. Can I have more requests for this font? Haha.

It was so much fun creating something for Miki the pomsky :D

Geometric animals look easy but it actually has its own set of challenges as well. 1 wrong line and you probably have to redo every single thing already.

Love the mix and match of the colours. If you take a closer look, the green vines are actually textured!

Am gonna experiment with a piece just with the same material. So excited :D

This was actually quite tough because small space + lots of nails = not a good idea.

Love how nice it turned out. Would probably keep it for myself if I'm a Chua haha.

My very first rose in a jar request!

Thanks to Beauty and the Beast haha.

Someone said that it could be The Little Prince's rose too.

Pastel rainbow?

I wasnt able to get the colours that I used for my very first board but this colour combination is very happy-looking. Would love to do more of this combination :D

On pets

Having a pet is like a childhood dream and I've always envisioned coming home to a cat or a dog waiting for me.

The husband on the other hand, doesn't want anything to do with a pet. He grew up in a pet-free household, and generally with people who doesn't like animals.

But I daresay I influenced him slightly. He would take photos of stray cats to show me, he even allowed us to cat-sit Wensie last November!

We went to a cat adoption drive last week and these 2 caught my eye!

My preference originally is a ginger cat but the tabby spoke to me instead.

I kept asking the husband if we should fill up the adoption form and all he said was "up to you" lololol

So i did and we're gonna visit Bayley tomorrow!

I freaked out a lil bit when the fosterer texted me asking if I'm still keen. I mean.. i dont really know what to do? She put me into a group chat with a first-time pawrent and my fears subsided.

We'll see how tomorrow!

The husband even thought of a name for the cat already, and he even mentions her in our chat so it's a really really good start hahah.

I'm so excited for tomorrow!

We are gonna go visit Bayley, then to the Pet Expo before heading to Jewel at night!

Day 102

Friday, 12 Apr 2019

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ivyleh (avatar)

ivyleh I do think that Venice and Burano are beautiful but I love Florence too! Hahaha

3 months ago

greyandgrey (avatar)

greyandgrey Swiss - if u can, go to this place call Lauterbraunnen.. nice place.. Zermatt, Interlaken, Lucerne.. basically everywhere is nice lah LOL

3 months ago

highvoltage (avatar)

highvoltage There’s a Dayrebeauty telegram chat? How can I join? (If it’s open to public)

3 months ago

travellite (avatar)

travellite Hi! Welcome back. Im also using menstrual cup. So very glad to be doing some good for planet earth. Id just like to check with you if you feel some discomfort while using the cup- like feeling of much trapped air in tummy area? Or any other discomfort?

About removing the cup, i usually press down the base with index finger to break the seal of the cup, and pinch and draw the cup out using index and thumb

3 months ago

ivyyt (avatar)

ivyyt @travellite hello! I've read about some discomfort other girls are facing and I was expecting them but I didn't have any?? then it made me wonder if I'm wearing it wrongly 😂 do you get the discomfort too?

I dare not press down the base too hard =X like what if I slipped and scratched my walls instead hahaha. Thank you for the tip, I'm gonna try your method during my next cycle!

3 months ago

ivyyt (avatar)

ivyyt @saturdaynight hello! here's the link: bit.ly/dayrebeauty

3 months ago

kaydesigns (avatar)

kaydesigns Wanna try the cup too but the idea of washing and disinfecting it properly is too much of a trouble 🙁 especially if I’m outside!

3 months ago

ivyyt (avatar)

ivyyt @kaydesigns I haven't had the need to remove it when I'm outside! I only do it when I return home and the cup is nowhere near full even on my heavy flow days, and it can be worn for 12 hours.

3 months ago

ivyyt (avatar)

ivyyt @greyandgrey thanks for the recommendations! I haven't heard of Lauterbraunnen and I'll go research about it :D hahaha I also think everywhere is nice and picturesque judging from the pics online hehehe.

3 months ago

ivyyt (avatar)

ivyyt @ivyleh oh yes I think my friend recommended Burano too.. I wish I have more days thereeee ><

3 months ago

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