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Hello there!

I didn't mean to be so quiet throughout our trip but I realized I can't keep up with dayre-ing every single day of our trip like before because we did so much more this time, hence the radio silence.

I'm enjoying winter in Korea despite my horrible breakouts and coldsore and I'm sure I'll be complaining about the heat once we touch down in Changi.

I've got a few more days left and ever since I volunteered to help some ladies bring stuff back, I've learnt so much more about beauty and stuff in Korea.

Brands like O Lens, 16 brand, stores like LOHBs.

Omg haha I didn't know about all these previously. I've joined in the hype and gotten myself some O lens. Gonna try them tmr and if it's good I'm gonna get more hahaha.

Thankful for the #dayrebeauty community who shared so much in the telegram group haha. I'm constantly learning about sth new!

Still hunting for IWLT (I woke up like this) and LOHBs only carry a few products. Realized a counter at Lotte Young Plaza has it so I'm gonna go hunt for it soon.. #dayretravels #dayretravel

I'll update this space when I come back. I realized I kept referring to my past Korea entries in 2016 so im gonna continue my archiving method hahaha 😂

Meanwhile, I'm more active on my IG stories so if you're really curious what we have been doing, it's the same handle on IG!

Day 8

Tuesday, 8 Jan 2019

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