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boracay day 3! 🌴🌊

#boracay day 3!

Still raining.. when we woke up. MEH. Monsoon season no choice. 🙁

Wanted to have breakfast at this small store near our hotel but it wasn't opened yet. Continued walking in the rain to d'mall and tried Mang Inasal, their local BBQ chain store.

#dayretravels #ivyytravels #dayretravel

BBQ chicken for the husband.

Pork Sisig for me.

Yums! So flavorful :D

Halo halo, a Filipino dessert.

It's similar to our ice kacang.

We checked out of Ferra Hotel reluctantly after that. It was such a wonderful stay albeit a 5-7 min walk from white beach. I would definitely recommend staying at Ferra! The staff were all very hospitable and helpful.

Ferra's transport transfer sent us to our next accommodation on Station 3. Saved our tricycle cost!

Downgraded ourselves hahah.


Toilet bowl on the right and shower area is in that corner there.

View from our room. Yes it's STILL raining.

So because I won this trip from Scent By Six, gotta take photos for them!

The board they gave us Is too big for our cabin luggage. But free trip so no complaints.

So yes, thank you Scent by Six for the trip.

We have toyed with the idea of coming to Boracay for a while now but because we went to Bali earlier, boracay was pushed back indefinitely, until this.

Love this random shot by the husband.

Top from #taobao! It was supposed to be a dress but I don't know what happened lol. Like the models in the stock photos are all definitely taller than me.

It started raining again and we took shelter at a Chinese restaurant. Good because A was feeling soupy, bad because the porridge was really bad and bare. Spare ribs were good though!

It's sooooo gloomy today. The rain comes and goes.

Sneaked a shot because I know photos are chargeable lol.

And we finally got mango shake!

Mango shake is the most expensive at 130php.


Happy us with Willy's Rock in the background.

Not so happy because there's no sun at all. No sunset and everybody's asking us to go for sunset sail. 😂😂

Spotted this tiny kitten at the beach! So poor thing. It was meowing and I could barely hear her. She was shivering 😭

Went out for dinner liek diz bcuz it was drizzling again.

Went for Shakey's for pizza and it was better than Yellow Cab's.

Then we walked around looking for a place to chill when we found Hangover Kitchen in one of the side streets.

Pretty happening with live band.

6 bottles of San Miguel Light at 285php. That's like $1.30 per bottle!

And add a sisig makes it 430php!

It was a great end to the night!

Day 216

Friday, 4 Aug 2017

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thegirlwhogrowls (avatar)

thegirlwhogrowls OMG sisig freaks me out do u know whats inside??? 😧🤣

11 months ago

ivyyt (avatar)

ivyyt @thegirlwhogrowls yes hahaha we were watching some video yesterday. Just try and whack only 🤣

11 months ago

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