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boracay day 4! 🌴🌊


Please stay this way for the rest of the trip!

Day 4 in #boracay and I feel like I've just experienced the real boracay.

#dayretravel #ivyytravels #dayretravels

Went out for a short sailing trip because the resort we are staying at provides free sailing trips!

Saved some money ✌🏼

So difficult to get a shot because we were flying off the hammock-like seats and getting splashed by the waves.

I'm beginning to understand why people like Boracay so much. The beach is beautiful!

Soaked in the beach and just lazed on the beach before heading back for a shower. Love it when we stay right on the beach!

I don't know who are these people though!

Headed out for lunch. this is the first time we walked along the main road.

Randomly made a turn into the wet-market side of d'mall and found this place!

Looking for local food so we stopped here and A said that he read that it's quite popular.

My pork picadilo. Filipino version of minced meat.

Love it!

A's pork nilaga. Very very salty. The soup feels like it's just light soya sauce. But he said the rest of the meat and vege don't really have much of a taste, maybe that's why the soup was so salty.

Frozen iced tea!

Godsend in this sweltering heat.

We spent a total of 460php. Not too expensive!

I'm really happy we have great weather today.

Kite-surfing seems so fun!


I'm enjoying all these no-plan days and spending quality time with my husband. We only see each other during weekends so this is perfect.

Enjoying some beer while waiting for sunset!

No sunset because of the huge cloud lol.

A kind stranger helped us to take photos. We are very burnt lol.

We went back to Hangover Kitchen for dinner.

Oysters are like $1/pc! Not a fan of oysters but this is pretty yummy.

Hot plate chicken and beef.

Halo halo!

Love that there is condensed milk in it :D

Day 217

Saturday, 5 Aug 2017

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