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Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Today marks the first anniversary of #tohtallylokeyhome!

We moved in one year ago and I’ve learnt and grown so much in this one year.
Before the move, Aaron and I only see each other during the weekends. So naturally, we couldn’t wait to move into our little place. Moving in means learning

- How to cook
- All the different housework
- To make time to do housework
- To live with each other’s habits
- To not murder each other in our sleep when we get annoyed

The first few months wasn’t easy. I didn’t like some of his habits. He found me too overbearing. We always argued about housework. Then it got easier. Sometimes I let things go, sometimes he puts in more effort to cover me when I’m busy and vice versa. But most importantly, I think we both learnt to verbalise our appreciation for each other more.

One year on and I love the feeling when I step into the house after work. Our very own place. My safe haven. It’s just a very different feeling when you know this is your very own place. Cooking and waiting for Aaron to come home before we eat together, saying good night to him every night and not over the phone, waking up to his hugs before he leaves the house.

The only complaint I have now is all the cloth moth and spiders lurking around the corners in the house. #dayrehomes

This one year taught me how great my mum is at juggling work and household. My parents’ place is an executive mansionette and I already find it a chore cleaning our small 4-room flat, it’s amazing how she cleans every nook and cranny of the house.

Moving into our own place made me realize how I’ve picked up on her habits. I used to complain to Aaron about her habits e.g making me unpack my luggage immediately after I came home from the airport, sponge A for non-oily items and sponge B for oily items, don’t leave wet bowls flat down completely. All these, I do it to him now.

The one thing I’m very appreciative of after moving out is that my relationship with my parents is better than before.

I don’t find my mum as annoying as before. She nags a lot. She repeats a lot. Something which I realize I do too now. But I appreciate what she does more, especially when I have a house to handle now too.

I call her for cooking, cleaning advice. We talk more about anything and everything. I remembered we chatted for 2 hours on the phone until the wee hours of the morning. That’s something we don’t ever do when I was still staying with them.

My dad treats us more like friends rather than kids now. Everytime we go back for dinner, he’d be like “want beer?”

“Aaron you never drive right? Can drink lahhhhh”

“Eh your beer finished already, want another bottle?”

My dad and I... we don’t have a lot of things to talk about. If anything, it’s mostly on current affairs. He talks to me more now lol. And he walks me to the door when I leave the house now. In the past he’d just say bye from the living room while watching TV.

Aaron and I always joked that I get special treatment now.

During our last dinner, we talked about their past. Not a regular topic for us but I just casually brought up their honeymoon because I was sharing with Aaron where they went to.

They started sharing a lot of their past with us which I really appreciated. It’s like a whole new world, knowing my parents before they were parents. I don’t think we can get to this level before this.

But my dad was damn smooth. So my parents got married when my dad was 28. So did I. We were talking about their 2-week long honeymoon. Back then it was those newly-weds group honeymoon so it was pretty interesting haha. Anyway, my parents were saying that they spent everything on the house, wedding, honeymoon and they came back with nothing. They then decided to have a kid (me!) after their honeymoon.

“I got married when I was 28. You also. We decided to start trying for a kid after our honeymoon. Since you all come back from korea liao, can liao la”

We didn’t even know what hit us man HAHAHA. Well, unfortunately for him, Korea wasnt our honeymoon! Planning a Europe trip for the later part of the year :D

My parents raised us with their timepiece shop. I never knew how they got into the business and I guess that was because I never really asked. It’s much easier to talk to them now because when I asked them personal questions when I was much younger, all my mum said was “next time then tell you” and I got so many of these that I never really bothered asking them again.

It turns out that my dad was already working with components and tiny parts in his previous job, and he was always tinkering with such stuff, that they decided to do it. He met a nice mentor along the way who was very generous in sharing his knowledge. But most of the time, it was self-taught. Trial and error. Learn on the job.

I think it was a very brave move. Being your own boss is not easy. Raising a family on a small shop is definitely no mean feat. Putting 2 kids through school and then private university, it’s a whole new level of admiration for my parents.

I never knew what they really went through. Moving out brought us closer, made me appreciate them more.

This one year has been a whole lot of new experiences and I’ve never been more appreciative of what I have. ❤️❤️

Day 29

Tuesday, 29 Jan 2019

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vvxlin (avatar)

vvxlin @adisonteoh

4 months ago

pearlynkmin (avatar)

pearlynkmin Aww this is such a sweet post! But I must tell you for me and my husband, it’s “out of sight out of mind” 🙈😂😂

4 months ago

woodsorrel (avatar)

woodsorrel Hi! Your clothes rack is very pretty! Do you mind sharing where it’s from? :)

4 months ago

ivyyt (avatar)

ivyyt @woodsorrel it's from taobao!

@pearlynkmin out of sight out of mind can be pretty good at times! =x

4 months ago

woodsorrel (avatar)

woodsorrel Thank you! Happy house anniversary! ;D

4 months ago

ivyyt (avatar)

ivyyt @woodsorrel haha thank you!

4 months ago

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