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Highlights of our Korea trip

Hello I'm finally back on Dayre!

It has almost been a week since we're back from #Korea and the one thing I missed about Korea is the weather. #dayretravels #ivyytravels

Man, it was so bloody hot when we touched down and I started scratching myself not long after lol. We utilised our aircon for the very first night that we were back.

This is the first trip we took ever since we moved in together so I was dreading going back because of the mountains of laundry that was waiting for us. It used to be my mum settling everything for me :(

I've learnt that I inherited my mum's traits. The ones that I used to hate. She used to make unpack my laundry immediately once I reach home so she could start on the laundry.

We reached home at about 12 midnight and knowing that Aaron wasn't going to sleep immediately, I made both of us unpack and started loading the washing machine.

I managed to complete 2 cycles of laundry that night!

Eventually we completed 6 more cycles (including washing bedsheets and mattress protectors) through the weekend.

Highlights of our Korea trip

My very first SQ business class!

I have to say now I'm spoilt already. Hahaha.

Experienced winter below -1°C.

Actually I think we were lucky that the weekend we touched down, we were right smack in Korea's cold snap.

The temperature dropped to -13.7°C and when the wind blew, it was estimated to feel like -20°C.

Oh it was fun but once is enough.

Another thing that I can't take was the shortened daylight. My mood depends heavily on the amount of sun we got so.. winter's not good for me haha.

But cold > hot anytime please.

Hiked up Ulsanbawi Rock at Seoraksan for the second time and we finally manage to see the view!

The first time we went up, it was foggy and we couldn't see a single thing.

Same exact spot back in 2015 haha

Countdown in Sokcho. It was.. very different from the usual ones but the fireworks were beautiful!

Also.. they started 5 minutes before 12 ._. I don't know if it was a mistake because the host suddenly interrupted a performance and counted down. Everybody else did the same but here we were, feeling very confused because our watches showed 11.55pm. The fireworks ended at 12mn on the dot. Still very weird though....?

Finally visited PyeongChang!

Went ice-fishing which is fun but not rewarding because I don't see any trouts no matter how long I stare into the hole.

Then again, I don't put my head into the hole, which is what most people did hahaha

Skied for the very first time.

verdict: fun but tiring

I think we need proper lessons the next time we try this. Haha.

Also my first time seeing snow (which is most probably manmade too) but I'm disappointed because I didn't see falling snow! Man why didnt it snow at all the various parts of Korea when we were there T.T

Our 2nd mountain hike! Taebaeksan after having it on my bucket list for a while! The view was amazing!

It's about 4 hours away from Seoul and we probably would not head there if not for the fact that we were around East Korea.

Snow was a highlight of the trip because it's my first time!

Still wish there were falling snow though.. Told Aaron we should have gone to Hokkaido instead haha.

Walked around the Hanok village in Hanboks FINALLY!

Jeonju-si was such a beautiful city to do this! The pace was slower than Seoul and everything was so relaxing and chill. Definitely gotta visit Jeonju at least once!

It was actually a fulfilling yet pretty intense trip. We usually only hike Seoraksan but this time round, we did Seoraksan, Taebaeksan and a while day of skiing.

Was pretty glad to come back because I spent the last few days feeling under the weather. We got a minor food poisoning on our 3rd last day and then I had gastric pain and a really bad back ache on the last day.

But with this trip, we finally completed all 4 seasons in Korea!

Not sure if Korea will still be in our list in the near future but we'll see!

Next up would be our honeymoon which we are still very undecided on in terms of destination and date -.-

Gonna dayre our Korea trip day by day really soon! Meanwhile I'm packed with #thejoycrafters' CNY orders. It has been surprisingly overwhelming and I'm really touched by all the support given ❤️

Day 17

Thursday, 17 Jan 2019

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