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Head being really woozy and heavy now because of staying up till 5am at office yesterday, sleeping at 6am and waking up at 9am to prepare for client’s presentation. Brain is fried but did spend quite a bit talking to my boss so ok ah, got bond a bit bah.

January 2018


Day 02 of period - womb feels like it’s being repeatedly stabbed with x100 aggression. Tired and feeling woozy, worst part is I’m playing a waiting game at work and since I’m at the last baton, I might jolly well OT till damn late today. Good job.

25 Incredible Foreign Words You Have to Know

I’ve always been in love with words because it encompass and convey feelings that we otherwise can’t explain with action. That wretched heartache, that unexplained happiness or even that twinge of sadness - We feel through words, and this is my favourite in this article

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Detox Monday

Ever since I started my new job, have been shitting more than usual (3 times everyday). ✔️✔️✔️

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Why do some people think that it’s okay to find loopholes in a scenario/situation and tries to make it seem like it’s the other person’s fault? It’s so toxic.


Why do I always have to learn it the hard way?

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