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updated 1 month ago

Omg, feeling hungry at this unearthly timing! 😫

@joeyhopz just sent me a message saying “guessed what just happened” and she DID NOT reply me thereafter. Talk about cliffhanger -_- .

Bad news - I realized that my thumb drive (with all my pictures) is missing after lending it to a colleague (not sure if I lost it or he did sigh) and my Dropbox didn’t sync properly.

Meaning - I probably lost most of the pictures. Wtf.

I’m hoping the thumbdrive will appear miraculously soon, though I’m not one to be sentimental about pictures tbh.

I believe that the best memories and experiences should be in person and when you are present. But then again, it’s good to have something to look back at and reminisce...

Batam has been exhilarating on the mind and soul. Massage is awesome (and cheap!) and the seafood is oohlala delicious.

Back to work tmr and it’s going to be a busy week!

Can’t wait for things to start falling into places :)

My dog is the cutest and your dog will never be cuter.

Says every dog owner ever.

Day 21

Monday, 21 Jan 2019

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1 month ago

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itsmejunko NO LAH @casseraa HAHAHAHHAH

1 month ago

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