Oohlala (avatar)
updated 1 month ago


I haven’t had the time to withdraw $$ for my angbaos. 😰

And also, I’ve been gaining weight even BEFORE Chinese New Year. Jialat jialat.

This year’s CNY need to 🤭 戒口!

& is it got bug ah? Suddenly I’m a D+ member, but I never paid for anything before leh.

😎 Is it pre-bought-over / senior members perks? HAHAHH

Day 35

Monday, 4 Feb 2019

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valenlicious (avatar)

valenlicious this Dayre plus is only available for free until April! after that think need to pay already..

1 month ago

itsmejunko (avatar)

itsmejunko @valenlicious oooh I see, so after April gotta pay to view the posts? :0

1 month ago

valenlicious (avatar)

valenlicious yeah gotta pay...

1 month ago

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