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The other side of an “entreprenur”

February 2019

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This was a picture we took in 2015..? When he was in army (not a recruit but a sergeant I think) & I think I just started university days. There’s a fellow founder who started his company called AllForU (sponsorship companies, basically if you want to target students, he is the guy to go to), and we went to gym together & just started talking about like life and relationship and work (he is the same age as us). And I realized how far Tay and me have come to.

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Pillar of support 💪🏻 I think it’s amazing how he will ask how’s my day and willingly listen aka reach out to me and ask me how was work. Like it wasn’t for the sake of just “asking”, he really want to know how’s work. Hahah maybe that’s the pro of having a boyfriend who is metrosexual and can be sensitive at times 😂

First mahjong of CNY and I won $96! Yay, Huat Huat. 🍊

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CNY Day 2

Continuing from yesterday - Heh blessed to have you x. Tay gave in to my whims & gave me an angbao because I was telling Tay that husbando need to give wifey one as tradition. Hahahhahahha my tradition

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Happy Chinese New Year to everybody here! 🧧

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