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March 2018

Today, I cried. I realized that I probably hasn’t healed from what happened, and that inside of me, I just feel really sad. I don’t know why I feel this way and I feel so helpless. It really hurt me, so much so that it’s coming to 3 months and I haven’t got over it. It was so toxic, so bad. People wonder why I can’t get over it, is it because I cared too much?Why do I let someone validate my self worth? Why do I feel so conditioned to feel that way? Why Why WhyWhy.

I am not sure if I should invest emotionally to Dayre not knowing if it will close down or not :/

February 2018

I shall wear midnight.

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Tap in for emo shit

One of the most asked question I have these day is WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO APPLY FOR BTO? My friends, colleagues, even family.

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I’m thinking of doing something to my hair for CNY, but I can’t think of what to do :( Sigh sigh.

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