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November 2018

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Tuesday • 13 Nov 2018

In love with her pictures and day dreaming if she could be my pre wedding shots’ photographer 😍Just because I don’t want to do boring studio shots, or typical ones at Fort Canning -_- Hahahha - Photographer @karevamargo1 on Instagram

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Monday • 12 Nov 2018

It’s always on my mind. How can I help them grow their business?

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Friday • 9 Nov 2018

This feels like an 18 years old diary, downloading screencaps from the internet and writing a whole chunk of emo stuff along with it πŸ˜‚. Feeling really mentally drained today. It’s been like this since we started this, and It’s almost each time that I feel that I can only depend on myself to get things done. We had so many talks about this but whilst things get better, it goes back to square 1 again when the busy period hits.

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What’s with the heavy rain today! So glad that I’m home and on my bed, under my blanket now! 😍 Good catch up with Chrix and Rachel, Glad to have met them during dentsu days

Day 1 of period. Much tired, much cramp.

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Japan was ... boring

Tokyo was surprisingly ... not what I expected. I dreamt of going japan for the longest time - to walk the Shibuya crossing and have amazing sushi & ramen. To shop at Shibuya 109 and (again) eat all the amazing japanese food 😍. Maybe it’s the fact that I was alone and not with Tay, so the trip felt ... lonely. Someone told me that I’m one of the few rare ones that find “japan boring” and I probably “should do more research before going”.

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