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Twenty Eighteen

The past year has been amazing. I know I left my Taiwan post halfway but I doubt i’ll complete it so lemme try and recap my year and be grateful and thankful for everything that happened instead hehe.

I had no intention to do a year review but after reading a few entries on Dayre, it got me thinking about my #2018 hahahah and what better place to document my year and not get judged :’)

(anti climax: but work first and i’ll update again tonight)


I must say, 2018 has been really kind to me. There were bad days (for sure) but these days made me a better person - i hope.

Started 2018 with the bunch I hold close to my heart :’)

(ooops might have cropped out the host’s face!)

Ended up planning the proposal for ^the host above! Seeing friends moving onto the next phase of life warms my heart hahahaha i might be a lil too excited!

the bunch behind the proposal hahaha

Made the effort to meet as a small group when O returned! 💖

In the early months of 2018, yo girl became the caretaker of the house for a few weeks when my helper went back!

Something easy for the first few attempts hahahah

Grandma approved (altho her face shows otherwise hahahahah)

Then came finals in May!
It was....... horrible.
The stress was real. Thank god jet could handle my meltdowns :’( I wouldn’t be able to get through finals without him (literally becos that angel sent me to and fro EXPO for my papers)

And when finals ended, jet and i went on a day trip to JB with his parents! Finally the day his parents have been waiting for hahahah his dad would ask bug us to go together (becos more ppl means he can order more food to share too 😂)

(jet can we go back for mee hoon kueh pls)

In June; we managed to go on a short trip to Bangkok despite being broke kids hahahahah i really wanted to go somewhere la huh especially after finishing finals! Jet gave in and off we go!

Thank you for saying yes to this trip even though it made us (quite) broke after that!

After which, I found myself attending an analyst course alone and walking out of it with a cert and friends i’d like to keep close to me.

They made going to school everyday from 830 - 530 a whole lot better!

July was great because it marked the end of my analyst course! But the main reason was being able to catch The Lion King Musical in theatres!!!!!!!!!!!

Jet surprised me with tickets to it with the little $$ he had! :’(


Fast forward to the days after working part time at FEO, it was lil bro’s enlistment day!!!!! Prior to that; we spent almost every single day together (after his intern and after my part time job) that as much as i hate to admit, i kinda died a lil when i saw him leave HAHAHAAHAHA #yux

he was someone i depended on especially when things were tough in the fam so... not being able to have our impromptu meals and ranting sessions made me a lil sad.

But that feeling faded away when i went to Taiwan the day after he enlisted HAHAHAHA

Jet and I traveled not once but twice this year w o w talk about being broke HAHAHA this trip destroyed us completely. But we managed it with the $$ I earned from my PT job at FEO!

Taiwan was a m a z i n g! We eat and shop on repeat! The weather was great and the feeling of just being able to explore another country together with my luv was just incredible! Celebrated my birthday overseas for the first time too hahahaha

I’ll definitely be back TPE!!

Then came a downturn when my ah ma had a mild stroke! Really really really thankful that we noticed something was amiss and called for help quick!

The one month my ah ma was in the hosp made me discovered love I never thought I would be able to see! My dad went down almost everyday after work despite the sores/aches from his legs! And my uncle - a retiree - was there everyday from morning to evening till someone else came!

A son’s love is just so amazing. And I’m just super thankful she’s slowly recovering. She’s my everything and I can’t imagine a life without her in it.

Went on a short trip to Batam with jet’s friends for the first time and I’m guessing it wont be the last HAHAHA it was actually better than expected (i thought it was gna be a lil awk LOL) and i had so much fun - too much fun to be exact 😂

Christmas was next! 🎄🎄
Had our usual misfeets secret santa party and gathering at my mom’s side on the actual day!

And on new years eve, jet came over for a short gathering with my extended family before we headed over to leroy’s!

im sorry i’ve to crop u out luv

our annual sparkle affair HAHA

and to the one that got engaged recently, I AM FKING EXCITED FOR YA HEHEHE

Ended the year with the people I love and I only ask for everyone to be healthy and happy for the year ahead ❤️❤️

Just wanna thank the Big G above for blessing me with grades I would have never imagined myself to achieve 5 years ago and for landing me a job that I genuinely wanted! Everything is really going as planned and I can’t be more blessed.

Have a blessed year ahead everyone! ❤️ Count your blessings everyday!

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Wednesday, 2 Jan 2019

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