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25. Sleepyhead

February 2019

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Is this your first cmc?

Answer: yesFirst hearing, first dressing down from a judge. I guess one can never prepare enough. Slightly wronged because I didn’t know I have to prepare case authorities. Slightly annoyed at how come the opposing counsel managed to somehow get away from producing case authorities. [but I’m very much at fault so I should reflect and not wonder why others got away]Slightly relieved that the judge was very merciful on me and didn’t order costs against me.

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When you take over conveyancing files without being briefed properly - armed with bits of info and sample files - trying to figure out along the way. Partner has asked me, second day consecutively, if I needed help with the files and told me that I can tell him if I cannot cope. How do people pick things up so quickly?? Trainees are amazingly eager to learn & quick at their work. And I’ve not really touched any court/SOP files recently, or even drafted much pleadings since training days.

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When work/studies becomes an escape... it surely means something bad right. It’s like I’m behaving how I did when I was a teenager. Sigh. I need to learn to stop escaping and start facing/dealing with reality

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